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Ordinance 823[Icon] Relating to Alcoholic Beverages, Definition, Regulations for Selling, etc. 8
Ordinance 824[Icon] Foreclosure Assessments for Local Improvements 2
Ordinance 825[Icon] Repealing Ordinance 813, Restating "Delinquency" on Water Bills 2
Ordinance 826[Icon] Authorizing Appointment and Employment of Deputy by City Treasurer 3
Ordinance 827[Icon] Ratifying and Confirming Contract Between City and Puget Sound Pulp and Timber Company 1
Ordinance 828[Icon] Establishing Water Rates for Metered Water, Etc. 1
Ordinance 829[Icon] Amending Section 14 of Ordinance 823 Relating to Alcoholic Beverages 2
Ordinance 830[Icon] Emergency - One Additional Fireman 2
Ordinance 831[Icon] Regulating Storage of Explosives 3
Ordinance 832[Icon] Prohibiting Discharge or Firing of Fireworks, etc. 2
Ordinance 833[Icon] Providing for Organization and Regulation of Fire Department for City 15
Ordinance 834[Icon] Regulating Burning of Refuse in City 2
Ordinance 835[Icon] Providing for Cleanliness of Streets, Alleys and Premises within Fire Limits 3
Ordinance 836[Icon] Establishment of Bureau of Fire Prevention, Officers, Power, Duties 7
Ordinance 837[Icon] Providing for Fire Limits and Construction and Equipment of Buildings 22
Ordinance 838[Icon] Tax Upon Real and Personal Property in City for 1934 2
Ordinance Index 1933[Icon] 2
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