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Ordinance 808[Icon] Granting of Great Northern Railway Right to Construct Railway Track on R Avenue 7
Ordinance 809[Icon] Granting Great Northern Railway Company Right to Construct, Maintain, etc. a Standard Gauge Railway Track in, Along, Over and Across 23rd Street 5
Ordinance 810[Icon] Granting Great Northern Railroad Company Right to Construct, Maintain, etc. a Railroad Track or Tracks on, Along, Over and Across Railroad Avenue and 1st Street 5
Ordinance 811[Icon] Vacating the Alley in Block 201, Original Plat 2
Ordinance 812[Icon] Vacating Alley in Block 2, Beales Maple Grove Addition and Block 5, Mrs. Mary Eubanks Addition 2
Ordinance 813[Icon] Amending Subdivision 48 Section 2 Ordinance 698 Fixing Water Rates 2
Ordinance 814[Icon] Levying Tax on Real and Personal Property in City for 1932 2
Ordinance 815[Icon] Emergency - Payment on General Obligation Bonds 2
Ordinance Index 1931[Icon] 2
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