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Ordinance 795[Icon] Vacating All of the Portion of Broadway Avenue Lying Within/Diagonal to Block 4, Bowman's Central Ship Harbor Water Front Plat 2
Ordinance 796[Icon] Confirming LID 145 2
Ordinance 797[Icon] Regulating Parking of Vehicles on Certain Streets 2
Ordinance 798[Icon] Providing for Acquiring, Construction and Maintenance of Water System 6
Ordinance 799[Icon] Vacating Alley in Block 77, Original Plat 2
Ordinance 800[Icon] Creating LID Contingent Fund 5
Ordinance 801[Icon] Result of Special Election Providing for Betterment of Water System 7
Ordinance 802[Icon] Ratifying and Confirming Contract with Puget Sound Pulp and Timber 2
Ordinance 803[Icon] Amending Schedule B of Section 3 of Ordinance 698 Regarding Water Rates 2
Ordinance 804[Icon] Repealing Section 5 of Ordinance 801 2
Ordinance 805[Icon] Providing for Condemnation, Appropriation etc. for Reservoir Site 7
Ordinance 806[Icon] Granting to Natural Gas Corporation of Washington, Franchise for City 6
Ordinance 807[Icon] Tax Upon Real and Personal Property for City 2
Ordinance Index 1930[Icon] 2
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