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Ordinance 897[Icon] Repealing Ordinance 849 Regarding Electrical Wiring Regulations 2
Ordinance 898[Icon] Regulation Requiring Drivers of Motor Vehicles to Come to Full Stop at Intersection of Commercial Avenue and 20th Street 2
Ordinance 899[Icon] Foreclosure of LID Assessments 2
Ordinance 900[Icon] Amending Section 9 of Ordinance 882 Regulating Traffic Within City 2
Ordinance 901[Icon] Exchange of City Lands and State Lands 2
Ordinance 902[Icon] Affixing Certain Fees to be Assessed and Taxed in Police Court Cases 2
Ordinance 903[Icon] Repealing Ordinance 898 2
Ordinance 904[Icon] Adopting Budget for 1940 10
Ordinance 905[Icon] Levying Tax upon Real and Personal Property in City 2
Ordinance 906[Icon] Appropriating Revenues for 1940 for Departments in City 2
Ordinance Index 1939[Icon] 2
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