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Ordinance 874[Icon] Emergency - Purchase of Truck 2
Ordinance 875[Icon] Prohibiting Storage of Gasoline or Benzene in Quantities Greater Than 5 Gallons, Etc. 2
Ordinance 876[Icon] Regulating of Plumbing Installation, Etc. 5
Ordinance 877[Icon] Regulating and Licensing of Pinball Machines, Etc. 4
Ordinance 878[Icon] Junk Dealers Ordinance, Regulation, Etc. 2
Ordinance 879[Icon] Regulation of Building Construction, Etc. 3
Ordinance 880[Icon] Creation of Civil Service Commission for City 3
Ordinance 881[Icon] Amending Section 1 of Ordinance 850 Regarding Water Rates, Etc. 2
Ordinance 882[Icon] Amending Various Ordinances Pertaining to Vehicular Regulation of City 8
Ordinance 883[Icon] Regulation of Certain Acts and Practices by Solicitors, Peddlers, Etc. 2
Ordinance 884[Icon] Adopting Budget for 1938 8
Ordinance Index 1937[Icon] 2
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