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Ordinance 862[Icon] Issuance of Bonds for LID 146 5
Ordinance 863[Icon] Creation of Board of Trustees of Volunteer Firemen's Relief Fund 2
Ordinance 864[Icon] Repealing Ordinance 862 2
Ordinance 865[Icon] LID 146 1
Ordinance 866[Icon] Vacating West Ten Feet of E Avenue 2
Ordinance 867[Icon] Defining Certain Misdemeanors, Describing Penalties, Etc. 2
Ordinance 868[Icon] Foreclosure Assessments for Local Improvements 2
Ordinance 869[Icon] Foreclosure of LID 2
Ordinance 870[Icon] Licensing and Regulations for Operating Pin Ball Machines 3
Ordinance 871[Icon] Adopting Budget for 1937 7
Ordinance 872A[Icon] Levying a Tax Upon the Real and Personal Property within the City of Anacortes, for Municipal Purposes for the Year 1937 4
Ordinance 872B[Icon] Appropriating the 1937 Revenues of the City of Anacortes to the Various Departments of the City in the Amounts to the Said Departments, Respectively, as Set Out and Particularly Designated in Section I of Ordinance 871 2
Ordinance 873[Icon] Emergency - Improvement of Oakes Avenue 3
Ordinance Index 1936[Icon] 2
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