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Ordinance 849[Icon] Regulating Electrical Installation and Maintenance 8
Ordinance 850[Icon] Rate Charges - Water 3
Ordinance 851[Icon] Regulation of Traffic 4
Ordinance 852[Icon] Vacating Alley in Block 30, Original Plat 2
Ordinance 853[Icon] Improvement of Commercial Avenue from 3rd Street to 9th Street 3
Ordinance 854[Icon] Civil Service Commission for Fire Dept. 3
Ordinance 855[Icon] Bonds for Payment of Surety Bonds 2
Ordinance 856[Icon] Adopting Budget for 1936 7
Ordinance 857[Icon] Levying Tax on Real and Personal Property 2
Ordinance 858[Icon] Providing Firemen's Relief and Pension Fund 2
Ordinance 859[Icon] Regulations Regarding Intoxicating Liquors, Possession, Sale, Etc. 11
Ordinance 860[Icon] Confirming Assessment Roll of LID 146 2
Ordinance 861[Icon] Amending Section 11 of Ordinance 859 Relating to Intoxicating Liquors 2
Ordinance Index 1935[Icon] 2
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