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Ordinance 839[Icon] Repealing Ordinance 667 and Fixing Bonds Providing for Payment of Surety Bonds 3
Ordinance 840[Icon] Fixing Rental Under Lease with Union Oil Co. 2
Ordinance 841[Icon] Licensing and Regulation of Sales, Etc. 5
Ordinance 842[Icon] Penalties for False Advertising 4
Ordinance 843[Icon] Emergency - Refund 2
Ordinance 844[Icon] Dog Licensing 4
Ordinance 845[Icon] Emergency - Construction/Maintenance Streets 7
Ordinance 846[Icon] Vacation of Alley in Block 126, Original Plat 2
Ordinance 847[Icon] Levying Tax on Real and Personal Property for 1935 2
Ordinance 848[Icon] Emergency - Additional Patrolman for Police Dept. 2
Ordinance Index 1934[Icon] 2
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