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j <br /> GIT <br /> DEP.0 MENT OF P vG TY DEVELOPMENT <br /> Room 21/4 County 96293 (206)336-9410 <br /> . - r BeUy D. Stcxa ,AICP <br /> W. 1.AICP 5 ' ' - A..uunt IMr.clor <br /> November 18, 1988 <br /> ^,r. Harold Harker <br /> _00 Sunset Beach <br /> Anacortes, WA 98221 <br /> RE: On-site Sewage System Evaluation <br /> pear Mr. Harker: <br /> At your request I have reviewed the records we have on file for <br /> your existing sewage system. The system was installed ,ader <br /> permit i278 in 1969 and final inspection was made by the Skagit <br /> County Health Department. It consists of an aeration tank (in II' <br /> place of a septic tank) and 125 lineal feet of drainfield trench <br /> installed in fill material. <br /> Tne site evaluation and design are lacking details to determine <br /> the suitability of this system for your proposed bed and <br /> breakfast. I ' <br /> odever, as I advised you by phone, the system was approved for aI <br /> three bedroom home when installed. It does not appear that your <br /> bed and breakfast proposal (limited to a maximum of six people <br /> per day) will have an adverse impact on your sewage system. <br /> conversely, your bed and breakfast operation should have no I' } <br /> greater impact on public health than does your present three 1 <br /> bedroom residential use. I have no objection to this conversion, f <br /> Sincerely, <br /> Karsh <br /> i1th Unit Manager <br /> r <br /> /jw <br /> .. Corrine Story, Health Department <br /> Ed Frank, City of Anacortes Building Denartment <br /> I <br /> i <br />