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':6-6 (:)(7/ // <br /> SURVEY IN SE 1 / 4, SECTION <br /> 25, T. ? 5 N., R. E. , W. M. Asibe-sG r 0� <br /> SHORT PLAT NUMBER ANA-3 -80 <br /> CITY OF ANACORTES DATE <br /> SKAGIT COUNTY, WASHINGTON A:.see.sor 's Parcel No . A/P 253501-4-0P5_O0o• <br /> NCy EE :3EI777 11 <br /> 3, Pureh4aere of Lote Be C and D, ae a condition precedent to <br /> their right of purchase, agree that if and when other property <br /> owner abutting the private driveway to the West agree to <br /> dedioate a right 9f way of sufficient amount to satisfy the <br /> City styndarde; for public streets , that the owners of Lots B, <br /> and p will dedicate or deed to the City of Anacortes their <br /> ownership portion of the private driveway for this purpose , <br /> said Witerehip gortion constetijtg of the fleet 30 feet of Lots S <br /> and C, now utilyited by the - private driveway, and in sddition - <br /> thereto, the oripend of Lot D dedicate or deed to the City <br /> of hnscortes the eat 30 feet 'of said lot, the same being the <br /> extension of thd,tprlvate driveiway through Lett D. • <br /> 4. The ' privlte driveway designates en area that is reserved for <br /> - Ligroin a d egress to and fro sots B, C and D, and for public <br /> an4 prty,to '.tttlitiee se►rv%ug is A, 0 and A; with each of the <br /> tote having an erual right f easement for the purgoeee herein <br /> eat forth cver the ti.hole 'e ent of said driveway. For ownership <br /> apd taxation purposes , the rivate driveway attaches to Lots T".1, <br /> Gaits D in equal area amounts , as shown by. the dashed 1/3 <br /> dtfiteion lines and the 2 conne;tore . <br /> 5! Thq post of maintenance of the private road is to be shared <br /> Peal1y by the owners of Lots 9, C and D. <br /> 4. Se ,id waste shall be collected from Longview Avenue. Property <br /> owners shall be responsible for placing containers on Longview <br /> on days of collection. <br /> 71 AllWater meters shall be op Longview Avenue. Property owners <br /> shall !be required to extend service from meters to homes . <br /> B. Sanitalry sever connections from connections on Longview Avenue <br /> shall be property owners responsibility, <br /> 91 The wept building .etfset line for tot D shall be the projection • <br /> of the west line o1" lota B and C in anticipation of potential <br /> dedication of a pu1}l.jc street in the, area Wlth the right of way <br /> extend4d- along the private driveway, <br /> • 1C. Meridian and subdivision of section an from survey recorded in • <br /> Book i of Surveys at peEe 17, record$ of Skagit County, <br /> Wsa hingt on. <br /> 1, _ .•n 3..r -. ._ ... .- . . <br /> � r <br /> • <br /> • <br /> SHEET 2 OF ''A <br />