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Locate stove on a raised <br />hearth that would elevate <br />the base of the ash pan or <br />any other hot/ignition <br />source portion of the stove <br />a minimum of 18" above the <br />floor. <br />We require that the hearth <br />be no less than the <br />minimum side, back and <br />front dimensions to <br />noncombustible materials, <br />or that bollards be placed to <br />limit how close vehicles can <br />go to the stove <br />Stove and stove pipe <br />clearances must be <br />maintained to the garage <br />doors in both open and <br />closed positions. Stove <br />pipe minimum of 18" <br />clearance unless chimney <br />manufacturer provides for <br />alternate clearances. <br />Stove and chimney to be <br />UL listed, and installed per <br />listing. <br />Special care should be <br />taken when operating the <br />stove to verify that <br />flammable or combustible <br />vapors and materials are <br />not present. <br />CITY OF ANACORTES <br />PLANNING AND BUILDINGD'EPTM� _ <br />,Ar <br />APPROVED PLANS <br />REVIEWED FOR CODE COMPLIAI-�` <br />PERMIT #: BLD-2020-0668 <br />ADDRESS: 5022 LA<E ERIE WAY <br />APPROVED BY: <br />SUBJECT TO FIELD INSPECTION. APPROVED PL S SHALL NOT <br />BE ALTERED WITHOUT AUTHORIZA ON. <br />