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I am planning on finishing of my basement <br />1. The Green lines on the floor plan is where I will be adding 6-inch rockwool insulation <br />2. The red line on the floor plan is where I will be adding 2X6 furring non -load bearing 24 inches on <br />center for electoral and insulation. <br />3. 1 will be adding a kitchenet and a % bath <br />4. The heat will be provided by Ecowarm Radiant board and using hydronic hot water this will be <br />connected to the system that I am now using in my house. this will be installed in the celling. <br />5. <br />Manual21v4Final.pdf see page 33 <br />6. 1 am planning on covering the wall with a combo of OSB or plywood and wood boards. The <br />Ecowarm board will be covered with cement board. I am not planning on using drywall do the <br />water that will be in the room also the need to hang shelfs etc. <br />7. It will be about 1000 Sf area that will be will be finishing off. <br />8. 1 will be adding a dehumidifier. <br />9. Photos of the area I will be working on <br />10. 1 will be doing all the work myself. <br />Please let me know what else you will need. <br />Thanks <br />Glenn Dalgliesh <br />5022 Lake Erie way <br />Anacortes WA 98221 <br /> <br />Cell 206.715.3039 <br />