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- <br />® P.O. Box 317 <br />Laboratory: <br />503 Gardner Rd. • 360 757-61 12 <br />Burlington, <br />4764of cN" _d (.i(ios� C-Mail <br />Washington <br />98233 <br />Dave Little <br />-' <br />Sunland Top Soils 5/5/2022 <br />12469 Reservation Rd. <br />Field acres: <br />Anacortes, WA 98221 Invoice 3037c <br />Location (name) <br />Irrigation 8, Type <br />C - Lawn blend <br />Crop to be: <br />Previous Crop Present Conditions <br />Any fertilizer, lime or manure used <br />lately, if so, when and how much: <br />Topography: Level <br />Depressions Sloping Deep -- - Dalnapa: very good <br />Recommendations: <br />LAWN <br />BLEND - TOPSOIL C <br />unerpretatton: rrM = parts per million, LpsiA = pounas per acre to cm t 1,01 seep/. <br />Test Active <br />Test (A) Reserve Test (R) <br />available) (not readlt available) <br />_ <br />PPM <br />LSS/A PPM LB_S/A "1 <br />Soil pH 7.01 <br />_Comments <br />Excellent —J <br />Calcium CO) 88 <br />_ _ <br />727.6 Excellent <br />Boron B <br />Ammonium NH4 2.36 <br />19.505 <br />Nitrate NO3 127 <br />304.8 -- <br />Total NI sn (N) <br />324.305 Vs ood <br />Phos horus P208) 10.52 <br />258.792 Ve ood - — <br />Potassium K20 12.4 <br />159.96 Ve 00d - <br />nssium M 30.8 <br />329.56 Excellent — <br />M rMs Mn) 0 <br /><0.5 Ve Low <br />Iron Fe 0 <br />0 20.4 253 Low <br />Aluminum AI 0 <br />0 None Wanted <br />suHates (804 0 <br />0 <br />Carbonates (C031 Poe. <br />Presence of free calcium canates <br />Chlorides (Cl 0.101 <br />75 Ok 000d <br />Electroconductiv <br />0.40 millimhos/cm Good <br />O nic Maser (��) <br /><3.0 % dry wt. basis <br />Topsoil (Inches <br />Subsoil( ) <br />T :Ban loam with compost and wood chips <br />_ <br />soil shveturs <br />- -- <br />This report is based on modern scientific quantitative analytical methods, and a scientific knowledge of crop plant nutrient <br />requirements. There are, however, too <br />many factors involved which can effect crop results, which makes it impossible <br />to guarantee specific results, either expressed or implied, and we cannot assume <br />certain soil management instuctions and <br />any responsibility other than to give <br />to perform inspection and/or analysis in good faith and according to the rules of science. <br />