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Model SOIL MANAGEMENT PLAN for BMP T5.13 <br /> (available as tWS Tl/ordfile,at ivlr)►v.Soilsfors'alrrron.oi,) <br /> PROJECT INFORMATION Page#._ _ of� pages <br /> Con]Elete,fill information oil Lage 1; only site address acid ermit nuin ber ou additional .)Ages. <br /> Site Address/Taut No 2-706 Wz_`.Vtr uh V' toS a <br /> Permit Ty .t': 'et 4t( , 4, C <br /> Permit Number: RIA <br /> Permit Holder: ) �, C �i t]onw <br /> Mailing Address' 1� pf E/ <br /> J <br /> Contact Per sori lctt. G Phone: W 5 ' r <br /> I' Pre aced 13y: <br /> ATTACHMENTS REQUIRED(Check2 r eczrlred items that are crttnclaed to this L)laq) <br /> Site mil showing, to scale: Areas of undisturbed native vegetation(no aniendillent required <br /> —Now planting bcds and turf areas(amendment required) <br /> Type of soil im [crverliert ro osed for each area <br /> Soil test results re aired if proposing custom anicudntcnt rates <br /> Product test results for . ro used amendnients <br /> AREA# (should inatch Area It'on Site Plan) <br /> PLANTING TYPE Turf �Undisturbed Native vegetation <br /> _Planting Beds Other, <br /> SQUARE FOOTAGE,OF THIS AREA: �square feet <br /> SCARIFICATION inches(d,ptil)_of scarification needed to achieve finished total 12" loosened depth. <br /> Subsoil will be scarif<ed <br /> PRc-APPROVED _ inches of compost or imported topsoil applied <br /> AMENDMENT METHOD: X 331 (conversion-factor, Inches to cubic)ards) PRODUCT: <br /> Topsoil import =cu,,yards per I,000 Sq. ft, <br /> Aniend with compost X ......000s sgXt. in this area <br /> Stockpile and arnerid w cubic yards of amendment r r —> -; QUANTITY: CU, YDS. <br /> cu, ydi,stockpiled) needecl to coven thty area to aesi Tr7ated CO t/t) ___"^ <br /> CUSTOM AMENDMENT Attach test results and calculations. <br /> Topsoil import inches organic matter or topsoil import PRODUCT, <br /> Topsoil & compost lift X 331 _._.....__._.__. <br /> ~Amend cit,yards/ 1,000 sq, ft. <br /> �W Stockpile and amend X _,000s sq.ft, in this area <br /> { cu,yds. stockpiled) =cubic yards of amendment —> —r —>—r QUANTITY:_— CU. YDS, <br /> MULCH ,000 sq,ft, PRODUCT:--..------- <br /> X G.2 (conversion, to ale 2 inch. mulch depth) <br /> cubic yards of _y }—> - r�.._ y QUANTITY: CU.YDS. <br /> TOTAL AMENDMENT/TOPSOIL/!MULCH FOR ALL AREAS(cram lelc tart sir e l vrtl 1, tntalir7 cr//�tt es in t/tls Plcrij <br /> Product#1: � Quantttyt _cu. ytls: <br /> Test Results: °!n or attifc matter .1 C;N ratio�25:1 (excgptmulch, or<35 1 for native plants) "stable' /no) <br /> ,Product#2: Q Quantity-._cu, yds <br /> 1p Test Results: %,.organic matter C:N ratio <25 1 oxee t mulch, or<35:1 for native plants) "stable"(yes/no) <br /> Product#3: ❑ Quantity: cir,yds> <br /> Test Results: %or ranic:batter C:N ratio<25:1 exce t mulcli, or L <35;1 for native Cants} "stable" (yes/no) <br /> Date: Iiispector: Approved: Revisions Required, <br /> Date: Inspector: Approved: Revisions R,equireci: <br /> COMMENTS <br />