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This Is A Standard List Of Abbreviations Used By This Office. Items <br />Listed May <br />Or May <br />Not Be Used On This Set Of Drawings. <br />AA.b. <br />Anchor Bolts <br />�± <br />G <br />Ga. <br />Gauge <br />S <br />SC <br />Ac. <br />Acoustical <br />Galy. <br />Galvanized <br />Sect. <br />Add. <br />Addition <br />Gludam <br />Glue Laminated <br />SF <br />Adj. <br />Adjustable / Adjacent <br />GLB <br />Glue Lam Beam <br />Shtg. <br />A.f.f. <br />Above Finished Floor <br />Gr. <br />Grade <br />Sim. <br />Alt. <br />Alternate <br />GWB <br />Gypsum Wallboard <br />Spec. <br />Sq. <br />BBld. <br />Building <br />H <br />HB <br />Hose Bib <br />SS <br />Blk <br />Block <br />HC <br />Hollow Core <br />Std. <br />B.O. <br />By Owner <br />Horiz. <br />Horizontal <br />Stl. <br />Btm. <br />Bottom <br />Hr. <br />Hour <br />Stor. <br />B.U.C. <br />Built Up Column <br />Hdr. <br />Header <br />SS <br />BWP <br />Braced Wall Panel <br />Susp. <br />Insul. <br />Insulation <br />CCab. <br />Cabinet <br />I <br />Int. <br />Interior <br />T <br />T. <br />Cdr. <br />Cedar <br />TOF <br />C.j. <br />Control Joint <br />J <br />A <br />Joint <br />TOC <br />Clkg. <br />Caulking <br />Jst. <br />Joist <br />T&G <br />C.L. <br />Centerline <br />Thk. <br />CMU <br />Concrete Masonry Unit <br />K <br />Kit. <br />Kitchen <br />TOS <br />Col. <br />Column <br />L <br />TOW <br />Conc. <br />Concrete <br />Lay. <br />Lavatory <br />Tv <br />Constr. <br />Construction <br />Typ. <br />Cont. <br />Continuous <br />M <br />Mat. <br />Material <br />U <br />Max. <br />Maximum <br />UNO <br />DD. <br />Dryer <br />M.b. <br />Machine Bolt <br />Dbl. <br />Double <br />Mech. <br />Mechanical <br />V <br />Var. <br />Df <br />Douglas Fir <br />Memb. <br />Membrane <br />VCT <br />Dn. <br />Down <br />Min. <br />Minimum <br />Vert. <br />DS <br />Downspout <br />Mir. <br />Mirror <br />Vest. <br />Dtl. <br />Detail <br />Mtl. <br />Metal <br />DW <br />Dishwasher Washer <br />w <br />W. <br />N <br />(n) <br />New <br />YY <br />E <br />Ea. <br />Each <br />NIC <br />Not In Contract <br />WC <br />EL <br />Elevation <br />NTS <br />Not To Scale <br />WD <br />Elec. <br />Electrical <br />W/O <br />Elev. <br />Elevator <br />OC <br />On Center <br />WP <br />EQ <br />Equal <br />0 <br />OFCI <br />Owner Furnish / <br />WWF <br />Equip. <br />Equipment <br />Contractor Installed <br />(e) <br />Existing <br />Opng. <br />Opening <br />Exist. <br />Existing <br />Ext. <br />Exterior <br />P <br />P-lam <br />Plastic Laminate <br />Ply <br />Plywood <br />F <br />FD <br />Floor Drain <br />PR <br />Pair <br />Fin. <br />Finish <br />PT <br />Pressure Treated <br />F.f. <br />Finished Floor <br />FS <br />Finished Slab <br />R <br />R. <br />Riser <br />FLR <br />Floor <br />Rad., R <br />Radius <br />Fnd. <br />Foundation <br />RA <br />Roof Drain <br />F.o.c. <br />Face Of Concrete <br />Ref. <br />Reference <br />F.o.s. <br />Face Of Studs <br />Reqd. <br />Required <br />Ft. <br />Foot Or Feet <br />Rm. <br />Room <br />Fur. <br />Furring <br />RO <br />Rough Opening <br />F.e. <br />Fire Extinguisher <br />PIUJMA olM <br />Vicinity Ma. <br />3 1It = 1'-011 <br />Solid Core <br />Section <br />Square Feet <br />Sheathing <br />Similar <br />Specification <br />Square <br />Stainless Steel <br />Standard <br />Steel <br />Storage <br />Storm Sewer <br />Suspended <br />Tread <br />Top of Footing <br />Top Of Curb <br />Tongue & Groove <br />Thick <br />Top Of Slab <br />Top Of Wall <br />Television <br />Typical <br />Unless Noted Otherwise <br />Varies <br />Vinyl Composition Tile <br />Vertical <br />Vestibule <br />Washer <br />With <br />Water Closet <br />Wood <br />Without <br />Water Proof <br />Welded Wire Fabric <br />Yelle Family Residence <br />BUILDING CODE <br />Zoning Category: R2A - Residential Low Density <br />Permitted uses: Detached single family dwelling units <br />Lot Size (minimum in zone): 6,000 sf <br />Setbacks: <br />Street Setback: 20 feet (exempt) <br />Interior Side Street Setback: 10 feet <br />Interior Side Setback: 5 feet <br />Interior Side Setback Upper Floors: 7.5 feet <br />Rear Setback: 20 <br />Lot Coverage (maximum allowed): 40% <br />Allowable Height: 35 feet <br />Required Amount of Landscape Area: 20 percent <br />CODES <br />1. Residential <br />2018 IRC <br />2. Mechanical <br />20181MC <br />3. Plumbing: <br />2018 UPC <br />4. Energy Code: <br />2018 WSEC <br />PROJECT DESCRIPTION <br />1. New Construction of a Single Family Residence <br />GENERAL NOTES <br />COVENANTS, CODES, RESTRICTIONS <br />The CC & R code below pertains to Auditor No. <br />200411090072 for "Washington Park Estates - Lots 1-36" <br />• Size -Minimum Square Feet: <br />1. Single -Level Home: 1,800 sq. ft. <br />2. Two -Level Home: 2,200 sq. ft. <br />• Roofing: Shall be Composition, Presidential Shingles or <br />better and approved by the ACC. <br />• Height Restrictions: 35 feet from grade. <br />• HVAC: Equipment cannot be on roof or wall. All <br />exterior equipment must be concealed. <br />• Fences can only be placed behind the front building <br />line. All fences to be approved by ACC. Chain link <br />only allowed for dog runs and must be reviewed and <br />approved by ACC. <br />• Driveways: Shall be concrete or brick with a finish <br />approved by the ACC. <br />• Garage: The garage door must be 90 degrees to the <br />street. <br />• Construction: Construction must be completed within <br />(9) months from the start of constructions. Extensions <br />allowed by ACC review and approval. <br />• Landscape: Landscape work must be completed within <br />(6) months of general construction completion. <br />• Construction must commence within 24 months of <br />approval of plans by ACC. <br />• Garbage: to be screened from view. <br />1. These notes are general in nature and are intended to set the <br />minimum standards for construction. Any conditions, if discovered, <br />which are not clear or are different than required by code or site <br />conditions shall be brought to the attention of the architect immediately. <br />The contractor shall verify all dimensions and conditions on all sheet <br />drawings and in the field, and notify the architect of any discrepancies <br />before proceeding. <br />2. Specific notes and details shall take precedence over general notes <br />and typical details. <br />3. Dimensions shall supersede scale, and are measured from edge of <br />stud. <br />4. All work shall conform to the latest approved editions of the <br />standards listed in "codes" above. <br />5. Errors, omissions, and discrepancies, if any, shall be referred to the <br />Architect immediately for direction of how to proceed. <br />6. Verify all rough -in dimensions for equipment plans provided by <br />others (design/build sub -contractors). Provide block -outs, blocking, <br />backing and jacks required for ducts, pipes, conduits, equipment, <br />fixtures, and cabinets. Verify size and locations. <br />7. Verify location of all existing utilities including but not limited to <br />sewer, septic, water, gas, power, and telephone/data. Cap, mark, and <br />protect. <br />Project Info. <br />i:� 1 /4" = 1'-0" <br />t <br />2018 ENERGY CODE NOTES <br />This building is governed by the 2018 WSEC, Prescriptive Energy <br />Code, for Single Family and Duplex Housing. <br />Medium Dwelling Unit Energy Credit Requirements: <br />Energy Credit Requirements: 6.0 points <br />Energy Credits Proposed: 6.0 points <br />Table 406.2 Fuel Normalization Credits:1.0 Energy Credits <br />For an initial system using a heat pump that meets federal <br />standards for the equipment listed in Table C403.3.2.1(1)C or <br />C403.3.2(2) or Air to water heat pump units that are configured to <br />provide both heating and cooling and are rated in accordance <br />with AHRI 550/590 <br />Table 406.3 (1.2) Efficient Building Envelope Options: 1.0 Energy Credits <br />Prescriptive compliance is based on Table R402.1.1 with the following <br />modifications: <br />Vertical Fenestration U = 0.20. <br />Table 406.3 (2.1) Air Leakage Control and Efficient <br />Ventilation Options: 0.5 Energy Credits <br />Compliance base on R402.4.1.2: <br />Reduce the air leakage to 3.0 air changes per hour maximum at 50 pascals. <br />Table 406.3 (3.1, 3.2, 3.4, 3.5 or 3.6) High Efficiency <br />HVAC Equipment:1.5 Energy Credits <br />Air -source, centrally ducted heat pump with minimum HSPF of 11.0 <br />Table 406.3 (5.4) Water Heating System:1.5 Energy Credits <br />Electric heat pump water heater meeting the standards of <br />Tier I of NEEA's advanced water heating specification. <br />Table 406.3 (7) Appliance Package: 0.5 Energy Credits <br />All of the following appliances shall be new and installed in the dwelling unit <br />and shall meet the following standards: <br />Dishwasher - Energy Star rated <br />Refrigerator - Energy Star rated <br />Washing Machine - Energy Star rated <br />Dryer - Energy Star rated, ventless dryer with a minimum CEF rating of 5.2 <br />8. Details are inteded to show the intent of the design. Minor modification may <br />be required to suit the field dimensions or conditions and such modifications shall <br />be included as part of the work of the contract. <br />9. Separate permits are required for Plumbing, Mechanical, Electrical, Fire <br />Sprinkler, Fire Alarm systems, and Signage (if applicable). <br />10. All exposed exterior sheet metal shall be galvanized, primed, and painted. <br />11. All wood in contact with concrete shall be pressure treated. Pressure treated <br />wood shall be used for wood members which form the structural support of <br />balconies, decks, or porches, etc. when such members are exposed to the <br />weather. <br />12. Slope all decks, patios, and walkways aware from the building a minimum of <br />1 /8" per foot for positive drainage away from the structure. <br />13. Provide expansion control joints in all concrete slabs as required to control <br />cracking, saw cut all slabs as required. <br />14. Provide fire blocking, draftstops, and firestops in attics, floors, and wall <br />cavities as required per the IRC. <br />15. Roof drains and overflow drains shall comply with the IPC & IRC and wall <br />cavities as required per the IRC. <br />PROJECT DIRECTORY <br />Owner: Peter & Liana Yelle <br />550 Front St. Unit 1703 <br />San Diego, CA 92101 <br />Architect: Underwood & Associates, LLC <br />1005 4th Street <br />Anacortes, WA 98221 <br />360-588-0471 <br />Contractor: Kreider Construction, Inc. <br />1010 22nd Street <br />Anacortes, WA 98221 <br />Greg Kreider <br />360-707-5588 <br />BUILDING INFORMATION <br />CITY OF ANACORTES <br />PLANNING AND BUILDING DEPT: <br />APPROVED PLANS <br />REVIEWED FOR CODE COMPLIANCE <br />PERMIT #: BLD-2021-0767 <br />ADDRESS: 2617 WASHINGTON BLVD <br />APPROVED BY: <br />SUBJECT TO FIELD INSPECTION. APPROVED PL S SHALL NOT <br />BE ALTERED WITHOUT AUTHOR[ ON. <br />Site Address: 2617 Washington Boulevard <br />Anacortes, WA 98221 <br />Parcel Number: 117635 <br />Legal Description: (0.4465 ac) LOTS 9 AND 10, PLAT OF <br />WASHINGTON PARK ESTATES, RECORDED UNDER AF# <br />200011290068, RECORDS OF SKAGIT COUNTY, <br />WASHINGTON. SURVEY BLA-2020-0009 AF#202103170132 <br />Building Areas: <br />Main Living Area: <br />2,468 sf <br />Upper Living Area: <br />1,127 sf <br />Garage Area: <br />912 sf <br />Deck Area: <br />96 sf <br />Patio Area: <br />967 sf <br />Driveway: <br />1,585 sf <br />Site Area: <br />19,451 sf <br />Lot Coverage by Building: <br />4,162 sf footprint 119,451 sf site = 21.4% <br />Impervious Area Lot Coverage (with driveway): 5,747 sf / 19,451 sf <br />= 29.5% <br />Landscape Area: 13,704 sq. ft. 19,451 sq. ft. = 70.1 % <br />16. Drawings indicate general and typical details of construction. Where <br />conditions are not specifically indicated but are of similar condition or character to <br />details shown, similar details of construction shall be used subject to review by <br />the Architect. <br />17. Contractor shall be responsible for all safety precautions and the means, <br />methods, techniques, sequences or procedures required to perform the work in a <br />safe manner. <br />18. Contractor shall retain one set of plans to note and document all changes <br />during construction as well as a log of changes including summary of why there is <br />a change. These documents shall be a part of the Contractor's close-out <br />package to the Owner. The close-out package shall include shop drawings, <br />product literature, equipment manuals and warranty information, and all other <br />supporting documents associated with the facility. <br />19. Contractor shall provide solid blocking for nailing all interior and exterior <br />trims, finishes, fixtures, and finishes. The Contractor shall provide all necessary <br />framing and bracing for the installation of Owner furnished items such as signage, <br />art, etc. <br />20. Where existing or completed work is damaged, cut, or defaced due to <br />performance of new work, the Contractor shall patch and repair same to match <br />adjacent surfaces. Repaired finishes shall be extended to the nearest visual <br />break lines such as corners, ceilings, top of base or similar. <br />\� <br />UNDERWOOD <br />& ASSOCIATES, LLC <br />1005 4th Street <br />anacortes, washington 98221 <br />360.588.0471 <br />mike underwood, AIA <br /> <br />Architectural Sheet List <br />Sheet <br />Number Sheet Name <br />AO.0 <br />TITLE SHEET & PROJECT INFORMATION <br />A1.1 <br />SITE & LANDSCAPE PLAN, & DETAILS <br />A1.2 <br />TESC PLAN, NOTES, & DETAILS <br />LANDSCAPE PLAN <br />FOUNDATION PLAN <br />FOUNDATION DETAILS <br />A1.3 <br />A2.1 <br />A2.2 <br />A2.3 <br />FIRST FLOOR FRAMING PLAN <br />A3.1 <br />FIRST FLOOR PLAN <br />A3.2 <br />A3.3 <br />SECOND FLOOR PLAN, DOOR & WINDOW SCHEDULES <br />FIRST FLOOR LATERAL PLAN, DETAILS & CALCULATIONS <br />A3.4 <br />SECOND FLOOR LATERAL PLAN & CALCULATIONS <br />A4.1 <br />SECOND FLOOR FRAMING PLAN <br />A4.2 <br />LOWER ROOF FRAMING PLAN <br />A4.3 <br />UPPER ROOF FRAMING PLAN <br />A5.1 <br />BUILDING SECTIONS <br />A5.2 <br />WALL SECTIONS <br />A6.1 <br />FIRST FLOOR INTERIOR ELEVATIONS <br />A6.2 <br />FIRST FLOOR INTERIOR ELEVATIONS <br />A6.3 <br />SECOND FLOOR INTERIOR ELEVATIONS <br />A6.4 BUILDING ELEVATIONS <br />A6.5 BUILDING ELEVATIONS <br />SP1 GENERAL NOTES <br />Grand total: 22 <br />21. The Contractor shall consult plans of all trades, including design/build <br />documents to verify size, weight, power, location, and other requirements for <br />those items to be installed prior to commencement of work. <br />22. Building Envelope: <br />A. Slab Insulation shall conform to the specifications and, if exposed, shall be <br />permanently protected against damage from all sources. <br />B. All insulation shall meet the minimum thickness and density as prescribed <br />in the plans. Insulation shall be installed accordint to the manufacturer's <br />recommendations. <br />C. Doors and glazing shall meet or be less than U-Values shown in the plan. <br />D. Air leakage is controlled by sealing or caulking all joints and gaps in framing <br />and building components. Sealants shall be of the non -hardening type. <br />E. Wall, Ceiling, and Slab insulation shall be as called out on the approved <br />plans and shall conform to the energy code standards regarding densities <br />and R-Values. An appropriate moisture barrier shall be continuous and <br />sealed. <br />9878 Registered <br />ARCHITECT <br />VSta <br />ichael G. Underwood <br />te of Washington <br />expires 9-22-21 <br />Permit Set <br />Project name: <br />YELLE FAMILY <br />RESIDENCE <br />Project: Yelle - 2020 <br />Issue Date: 05/21 /2021 <br />Revisions <br />No. Date Description <br />TITLE SHEET & <br />PROJECT <br />INFORMATION <br />AOOO <br />12/9/2021 12:01:57 PM <br />