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Prescriptive Energy Code Compliance for All Climate Zones in Washington <br />Project Information <br />2602 17TH STREETMICHAEL <br />ANACORTES, WA <br />98221 <br />This project will use the requirements of the Prescriptive Path below and incorporate the <br />the minimum values listed. In addition, based on the size of the structure, the appropriate <br />number of additional credits are checked as chosen by the permit applicant. <br />Authorized Representative _________________________________________________ <br />All Climate Zones <br />Fenestration U-Factorb <br />Skylight U-Factor <br />Glazed Fenestration SHGCb,e <br />Ceilingk <br />Wood Frame Wallg,m,n <br />Mass Wall R-Valuei <br />Floor <br />Below Grade Wallc,m <br />Slabd R-Value & Depth <br />*Table R402.1.1 and Table R402.1.3 Footnotes included on Page 2. <br />Each dwelling unit in a residential building shall comply with sufficient options from Table R406.2 so as to achieve the following minimum number of credits: <br /> 1. Small Dwelling Unit: 1.5 credits <br /> 2. Medium Dwelling Unit: 3.5 credits <br /> 3. Large Dwelling Unit: 4.5 credits <br /> 4. Additions less than 500 square feet: .5 credits <br />Table R406.2 Summary <br />Option <br />1a <br />1b <br />1c <br />1d <br />2a <br />2b <br />2c <br />3a <br />3b <br />3c <br />3d <br />4 <br />5a <br />5b <br />5c <br />5d <br />6 <br />Total Credits <br />*Please refer to Table R406.2 for complete option descriptions <br />Table R402.1.1 Footnotes <br />For SI: 1 foot .= 304.8 mm, ci .= continuous insulation, int .= intermediate framing. <br />a R-values are minimums. U-factors and SHGC are maximums. When insulation is installed in a cavity which is less than the label or design thickness of the insulation, the compressed <br /> R-value of the insulation from Appendix Table A101.4 shall not be less than the R-value specified in the table. <br />b The fenestration U-factor column excludes skylights. The SHGC column applies to all glazed fenestration. <br />c "10/15/21.+TB" means R-10 continuous insulation on the exterior of the wall, or R-15 on the continuous insulation on the interior of the wall, or R-21 cavity insulation plus a thermal <br /> break between the slab and the basement wall at the interior of the basement wall. "10/15/21.+TB" shall be permitted to be met with R-13 cavity insulation on the interior of the basement <br /> wall plus R-5 continuous insulation on the interior or exterior of the wall. "10/13" means R-10 continuous insulation on the interior or exterior of the home or R-13 cavity insulation <br /> at the interior of the basement wall. "TB" means thermal break between floor slab and basement wall. <br />d R-10 continuous insulation is required under heated slab on grade floors. See R402.2.9.1. <br />e There are no SHGC requirements in the Marine Zone. <br />f Reserved. <br />g Reserved. <br />h Reserved. <br />i The second R-value applies when more than half the insulation is on the interior of the mass wall. <br />j Reserved. <br />k For single rafter- or joist-vaulted ceilings, the insulation may be reduced to R-38. <br />l Reserved. <br />m Int. (intermediate framing) denotes standard framing 16 inches on center with headers insulated with a minimum of R-10 insulation. <br />Table R402.1.3 Footnote <br />a Nonfenestration U-factors shall be obtained from measurement, calculation or an approved source or as specified in Section R402.1.3. <br /> <br />Dwelling units less than 1500 square feet in conditioned floor area with less than 300 square feet of fenestration area. Additions to existing building that are greater than 500 square <br /> feet of heated floor area but less than 1500 square feet. <br />All dwelling units that are not included in #1 or #3. Exception: Dwelling units serving R-2 occupancies shall require 2.5 credits. <br />Dwelling units exceeding 5000 square feet of conditioned floor area. <br />Description <br />Efficient Building Envelope 1a <br />Efficient Building Envelope 1b <br />Efficient Building Envelope 1c <br />Efficient Building Envelope 1d <br />Air Leakage Control and Efficient Ventilation 2a <br />Air Leakage Control and Efficient Ventilation 2b <br />Air Leakage Control and Efficient Ventilation 2c <br />High Efficiency HVAC 3a <br />High Efficiency HVAC 3b <br />High Efficiency HVAC 3c <br />High Efficiency HVAC 3d <br />High Efficiency HVAC Distribution System <br />Efficient Water Heating 5a <br />Efficient Water Heating 5b <br />Efficient Water Heating 5c <br />Efficient Water Heating 5d <br />Renewable Electric Energy <br />R-Valuea <br />n/a <br />n/a <br />n/a <br />49j <br />21 int <br />21/21h <br />30g <br />10/15/21 int + TB <br />10, 2 ft <br />U-Factora <br />0.3 <br />0.5 <br />n/a <br />0.026 <br />0.056 <br />0.056 <br />0.029 <br />0.042 <br />n/a <br />Contact Information <br /> <br />TELESIS DESIGN <br />TELESIS.TRAFTON@GMAIL.COM <br />Credit(s) <br />0.5 <br />1 <br />2 <br />0.5 <br />0.5 <br />1 <br />1.5 <br />1 <br />1 <br />1.5 <br />1 <br />1 <br />0.5 <br />1 <br />1.5 <br />0.5 <br />0.5 <br />Date ___________________________ <br />1 <br />*1200 kwh <br />0.5 <br />0.5 <br />0.5 <br />1.5 <br />True <br />True <br />True <br />False <br />True <br />True <br />False <br />False <br />False <br />False <br />False <br />False <br />False <br />False <br />False <br />False <br />False <br />True <br />False <br />False <br />False