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�QF0", <br />To Be Completed By the Applicant <br />2320 15th St., Anacortes, WA 98221 <br />Maggie Ludden for TML International LLC <br />Project Applicant:__ gg <br />Applicant Email: Phone No.: (360)836-1729 <br />Site Owner Name: Richard LOVelett <br />PV System Description: Installation of 14 solar panels in 1 array(s) on a roof mounted 4.34kW PV System <br />Determine if your project is eligible for an over-the-counter Permit (Check Yes or No) <br />Yes <br />No <br />1. PV System is designed and proposed for a detached single-family house, duplex or <br />p <br />❑ <br />townhome. <br />2. PV System is designed for rooftop of house in general compliance with applicable <br />p <br />❑ <br />codes. <br />3. Mounting system is engineered and designed for PV. <br />p <br />❑ <br />4. Rooftop is made from light weight material such as shingles. <br />p <br />❑ <br />5. PV system will be permitted and pre -approved by Labor & Industries Electrical <br />p <br />❑ <br />division. <br />6. To address uplift, panel are mounted no higher than 18" above the surface of the <br />p <br />❑ <br />roofing to which they are affixed. Except for flat roofs, no portion of the system <br />may exceed the highest point of the roof. <br />7. Total deal load of panels, supports, mountings, race ways, and all other <br />p <br />❑ <br />appurtenances weight no more than one of the following. IF Yes, indicate which: <br />o No more than three and one half (3.5 pounds per square foot (PSF) <br />❑ Frameless panels on at least 3/12 pitch roof weighing no more than four and <br />one-half (4.5) PSF <br />❑ Frameless panels on at least 5/12 pitch roof weighing no more than five (5.0) <br />PSF <br />8. Supports for solar panels are installed to spread the dead load across as many <br />p <br />❑ <br />roof -framing members as needed to ensure that no point loads in excess of fifty <br />(50) pounds are created. <br />9. Attachment to the roof is specified by the mounting system manufacturer. <br />p <br />❑ <br />10. Panels are mounted no higher than the roof ridge or apex of roof (applies only to <br />p <br />❑ <br />pitched roofs). <br />Comments: <br />6-< e By Checking this box, I certify that all of the information provided on this form is correct. <br />If you answered yes to all of the above questions, your PV installation is eligible for an over-the-counter <br />building permit. To apply please bring in this completed form to our permit center at City Hall for an <br />over-the-counter permit. <br />To be Completed By Staff <br />Project is eligible for over-the-counter permit? ❑ Yes ❑ No <br />