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O4Og CODv C,O <br />15 <br />R1001.3 Seismic reinforcing. <br />Masonry or concrete chimneys in Seismic Design Category Do, D, or D2 shall be reinforced. Reinf< <br />the requirements set forth in Table R1001.1 and Section R606. <br />R1001.3.1 Vertical reinforcing. <br />For chimneys up to 40 inches (1016 mm) wide, four No. 4 continuous vertical bars shall be placed between wythes of <br />solid masonry or within the cells of hollow unit masonry and grouted in accordance with Section R606. Grout shall be <br />prevented from bonding with the flue liner so that the flue liner is free to move with thermal expansion. For chimneys <br />more than 40 inches (1016 mm) wide, two additional No. 4 vertical bars shall be provided for each additional flue <br />incorporated into the chimney or for each additional 40 inches (1016 mm) in width or fraction thereof. <br />R1001.3.2 Horizontal reinforcing. <br />Vertical reinforcement shall be placed within'/4-inch (6.4 mm) ties, or other reinforcing of equivalent net cross -sectional <br />area, placed In the bed joints in accordance with Section R606 at not less than every 18 inches (457 mm) of vertical <br />height. Two such ties shall be installed at each bend in the vertical bars. ! <br />R1001.4 Seismic anchorage. <br />Masonry or concrete chimneys in Seismic Design Category Do, D, or D2 shall be anchored at each floor, ceiling or roof line <br />more than 6 feet (1829 mm) above grade, except where constructed completely within the exterior walls. Anchorage shall <br />conform to the requirements of Section R1001.4.1. <br />R1001.4.1 Anchorage. <br />Two 3116-inch by 1-inch (5 mm by 25 mm) straps shall be embedded not less than 12 inches (305 mm) into the <br />chimney. Straps shall be hooked around the outer bars and extend 6 inches (152 mm) beyond the bend. Each strap <br />shall be fastened to not less than four floor ceiling or floor joists or rafters with two'/2-inch (12.7 mm) bolts. <br />MORTAR OAP <br />" BOND BEAM <br />FT MIN-1 HORIZONTAL <br />'-' REINFORCING TIES <br />CLEARANCE <br />10 FT MIN. <br />LASHING <br />S <br />NNGHORAGE 2'/2IN- <br />BOLTS EACH STRAP <br />H VERTICAL CITY OF ANACORTES <br />REINFORCING PLANNING AND BUILDING DEPT: <br />ANCHOR STRAP APPROVED PLANS <br />REVIEWED FOR CODE COMPLIANCE <br />PERMIT #: BLD-2021-0518 <br />ADDRESS: 2105 12TH ST <br />_ APPROVED BY: <br />FLUE LINER SUBJECT TO FIELD INSPECTION. APPROVED PL S SHALL NOT <br />BE ALTERED WITHOUT AUTHORIZA ON. <br />