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4. Maximum size. The ADU may not exceed 900-square feet gross floor area. <br />5. Maximum height: <br />A. ADUs enclosed within the principal building are subject to the height limits for <br />the applicable zone in Tables 19.42.020-030 <br />B. Height limits for detached ADUs are: <br />i. 20-feet where the roof pitch is less than 6:12. <br />ii. 25-feet where the roof pitch is 6:12 or greater. <br />Exception: ADU height and roof pitch adjustments may be needed for structures to <br />comply with the 45-degree height /setback plane provisions in subsection (C)(6)(a) <br />below. <br />6. Minimum setbacks and siting requirements. ADUs enclosed within the principal <br />building are subject to the setback requirements for the applicable zone. Standards for <br />detached ADUs (whether or not they are attached to a garage) are subject to the <br />following setback requirements: <br />A. Minimum interior side setback: Five -feet, except that from a height of 15-feet at <br />the five-foot minimum interior side setback, buildings must step back at a 45- <br />degree angle away from the interior side or rear property lines as shown in Figure <br />19.47.030(C)(6). <br />B. Minimum rear setback (to alley property line): Zero -feet, except where garage <br />doors or a carport faces the alley, the structure must be set back a minimum of <br />ten -feet from the alley property line to allow adequate turning distance for <br />vehicles. <br />C. Detached ADUs must be located consistent with the minimum usable open space <br />standards of AMC 19.43.010(C)(3)(c), regardless of lot size. <br />7. Living facilities. At a minimum, an accessory dwelling unit includes a bathroom, a <br />kitchen, and separate exterior access. <br />8. Parking. A minimum of three parking spaces must be provided for the principal and <br />accessory dwelling units. Where on -street parking is available abutting the lot, only <br />two off-street spaces must be provided for the principal and accessory dwelling units. <br />9. Entrance. The entrance to the ADU must not be on the same side of the structure as <br />the entrance to the principal residence, except when such entrance is not visible from <br />the street as determined by the director. <br />Exception: If an ADU is created within an existing residence which already has more <br />than one existing exterior door on the same side, an existing door may be utilized for <br />the ADU. <br />10. Owner occupancy. <br />A. Either the principle or accessory dwelling unit must be occupied by an owner of <br />the property for six or more months of each calendar year as the owner's <br />permanent residence. "Owners" include title holders and contract purchasers. The <br />applicant must record a notice against the property title with the county auditor, <br />on forms provided by the department, describing this requirement. <br />B. The Director may waive the requirement of subsection (a) for up to three years if a <br />