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Anacortes Planning, Community & Economic Development Department <br />904 6T" Street / P.O. Box 547, Anacortes, WA 98221 <br />(360) 299-1984 - Office Hours: Mon -Fri 8:00 AM — 5:00 PM <br />ADMINISTRATIVE DECISION: ACCESSORY DWELLING UNIT <br />DATE: <br />FILE NUMBER: <br />PROPOSAL: <br />FINDINGS OF FACT: <br />July 12, 2021 <br />Accessory Dwelling Unit Permit, BLD-2021-0257 <br />The applicant is requesting to permit the conversion of an existing accessory <br />structure into a 432 sq. ft. detached Accessory Dwelling Unit (ADU). <br />The subject property is located at 2105 121" St., Anacortes, WA 98221, and identified by Assessor's <br />Parcel Number: P31862. <br />1.1. The proposed ADU has been assigned the address of 2107 12t" St, Anacortes, WA 98221. <br />2. Warranty Deed recorded October 10, 2020 under AFN: 202010150096, identifies Jackie Law as legal <br />owner. <br />3. The subject property is located within the Residential Medium Density 3 (R3) zoning district. <br />4. The subject property is currently developed with a single-family residence (SFR) and (2) accessory <br />structures. <br />4.1. The proposed ADU is to be located within (1) of the existing accessory structures. The other <br />accessory structure is a garage and may not be used as a dwelling. <br />4.2. Pursuant to AMC Section 19.47.030(C)(1), an ADU may be established in any zone on <br />a lot with an existing SFR. <br />5. ADUs must meet the required standards and criteria pursuant to AMC Section 19.47.030(C). <br />5.1. The proposed ADU is to be constructed as a detached living area. <br />5.2. The existing accessory structure proposed as an ADU may have been illegally converted to a <br />dwelling. This review would remedy the illegal conversion; therefore, the proposed ADU would <br />be the only unit on the property. <br />5.3. The proposed ADU would not be able to be separated or subdivided from primary residence. <br />5.4. The proposed ADU is to be a total of 432 sq. ft. of living space. <br />5.5. Height limits for detached ADUs are 20 ft. for a roof pitch less than 6:12 or 25 ft. for a roof <br />pitch more than 6:12. The proposed ADU, located within an existing accessory structure would <br />not exceed the allowable building height. <br />5.6. The subject property is approximately 12,000 sq. ft. Pursuant to AMC 19.47.030(C)(6)(c), a <br />total of 10% of the subject property must be dedicated as usable open space, therefore, a total <br />of 1,200 sq. ft. of open space is required. Based on the existing lot coverage of approximately <br />2,468 sq. ft., the subject property could meet the required 10% open space. <br />Page 1 of 2 <br />