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Commission Terms. Initially, all Commissioners will be appointed to <br /> terms ending December 31, 2006. Three members will then be appointed <br /> for a three-year term, three members will be appointed for a two-year term, <br /> and the remaining member(s) will be appointed for a one-.year term. These <br /> commission terms will be determined by lottery. Commissioners may then - <br /> be_re-appointed for additional three-year consecutive terms on a rotational <br /> basis with the exclusion of the high school student-member. The student- <br /> member will serve a.fixed term of one year. <br /> Commission Responsibilities. The Commission will be responsible e for the <br /> following: <br /> a. Developing strong relationships within the City of Anacortes, <br /> including the Mayor, City Council Members and City departmental <br /> representatives, serving as a consultative resource on matters of <br /> aesthetic and artist importance. <br /> b. Represent the City in art matters in cooperative arrangements with <br /> other government agencies and private organizations, as <br /> authorized. <br /> C. Identify and recommend potential locations for public art, <br /> prescribe procedures for the selection, acquisition and display of <br /> such art and oversee the process'of selection and placement of <br /> public art. <br /> d. Work cooperatively with other area arts organizations in <br /> assimilating information about arts activities and events <br /> e. Encourage education, innovation and community participation in <br /> visual, literary and performing arts. <br /> f. Actively working to promote fund raising and coordination of <br /> donations for public art projects. <br /> g. Maintain an inventory of public art and provide advice for its <br /> oversight and maintenance. <br /> Meetings. All Commission meetings will be the public and notice <br /> of the meetings will comply with the Washington Open Public Meetings <br /> s ; <br /> Act. The Commission will hold regular meetings at least monthly. The <br /> Commission will keep minutes of its regular public meetings and records of <br /> all official actions that will be made available to the public upon approval of <br /> the minutes by the Commission. A majority of all the members of the <br />