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Diamond, David <br /> From: Lange, Steve <br /> Sent: Monday, July 16, 2018 10:38 AM <br /> To: Diamond, David; Measamer, Don; Kennedy,Jack; Lunsford, Bret <br /> Cc: Shjarback, Eric; Symonds,Justin; Nemeth, Terry <br /> Subject: RE: 1018 & 1020 27th St. Demo Permit <br /> This is the location of the newer Anacortes Family Center. Plans have not been submitted for a Building Permit at this <br /> time. Unless within the last few days. <br /> 1. Ensure the private sewer stubs are abandoned to WSDOT Standards. <br /> 2. Ensure the water is abandoned and shut off properly. See Terry Nemeth. <br /> 3. Project needs to have proper Traffic Control. Please have them submit a Tc Plan and Pedestrian Plan for review <br /> and acceptance by the City Engineer. <br /> 4. Project will need to submit Minimum Requirement#2 and provide an Erosion Control Plan. <br /> Thanks, <br /> Steven Lange <br /> Project Manager <br /> From: Diamond, David <br /> Sent: Monday,July 16, 2018 10:27 AM <br /> To: Measamer, Don <>; Kennedy,Jack<>; Lange, Steve <br /> <>; Lunsford, Bret<> <br /> Subject: 1018 & 1020 27th St. Demo Permit <br /> Hi All, <br /> We have received a demo application for the above address. Please let me know if it is OK to issue a permit or the <br /> reason why not to. <br /> Thanks, David <br /> Building Inspector/Code Enforcement <br /> Office: 360-299-957 <br /> Cell: 360-899-6331 <br /> 1 <br />