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,jORCODECO <br /> rn fit <br /> -- <br /> -_--- - site <br /> kNikstrom Addition W ' <br /> MULIM <br /> O O O I� <br /> ti <br /> UNDERWOOD <br /> Anacortes , &ASSOCIATES,LLC <br /> 1005 4th Street <br /> anacortes, washington 98221 <br /> 360.588.0471 <br /> mike underwood,AIA <br /> r <br /> <br /> Architectural Sheet List <br /> Sheet <br /> it 4 Number Sheet Name <br /> AO.0 Title Sheet <br /> = r i <br /> A2.1 Site Plan, Foundation, Floor <br /> y Framing & Details <br /> ° - A2.2 Stormwater Plan and BMP <br /> - A2.3 Stormwater Details <br /> —" — ❑ A3.1 Floor Plan, Lateral, HVAC <br /> 0 A5.1 Building and Wall Sections <br /> o A6.1 Building Elevations <br /> Vicinit Ma SP1 General Notes <br /> Grand total: 8 <br /> 1/4" = 1'-0" <br /> This IsAStandard List Of Abbreviations Used B This Office. Items CITY OF ANACORTES 9878 <br /> Y Registered <br /> Listed May Or May Not Be Used On This Set Of Drawings. PLANNING AND BUILDING D E PT: ARCHITECT <br /> A.b. Anchor Bolts Ga. Gauge R. Riser APPROVED PLANS <br /> A Ac. Acoustical G Galy. Galvanized R Rad., R Radius REVIEWED FOR CODE COMPLIANCE Michael G. Underwood <br /> Add. Addition Gludam Glue Laminated R.d. Roof Drain PERMIT#: BLD-2022-0370 State of Washington <br /> Adj. Adjustable/Adjacent GLB Glue Lam Beam Ref. Reference ADDRESS: 1211 10TH ST <br /> A.f.f. Above Finished Floor Gr. Grade Reqd. Required expires 9-22-23 <br /> Alt. Alternate GWB Gypsum Wallboard Rm. Room APPROVED BY: <br /> RO Rough Opening SUBJECT TO FIELD INSPECTION.APPROVED PL S SHALL NOT Permit Set <br /> Bld. Building HB Hose Bib BE ALTERED WITHOUT AUTHORIZA ON. <br /> B Blk Block H HC Hollow Core <br /> B.O. By Owner Horiz. Horizontal s SC Solid Core <br /> Btm. Bottom Hr. Hour Sect. Section Project name: <br /> B.U.C. Built Up Column Hdr. Header SF Square Feet <br /> BWP Braced Wall Panel Shtg. Sheathing General Notes Building Code Project Directory Building Information I strom <br /> Insul. Insulation Sim. Similar <br /> Cab. Cabinet I Int. Interior Spec. Specification Residence - A D U <br /> C Cdr. Cedar Sq. Square 1. All potential contractors shall thoroughly Zoning Category: OT, Old Town Owner: Brom and Ann6 Wikstrom Site Address: 1211 10th Street <br /> C.'. Control Joint Jt. Joint SS Stainless Steel familiarize themselves with job conditions before 2715 W Lynn Place <br /> � Std. Standard � Y Anacortes,WA 98221 <br /> Clkg. Caulking J Jst. Joist StI. Steel bidding to ensure that they understand the scope of Occupany Group: R3 Seattle, WA 98199 <br /> C.L. Centerline the work.These notes are general in nature and are Parcel Number: P55411 <br /> CMU Concrete Masonry Unit K Kit. Kitchen Stor. Storage intended to set the minimum standards for Construction Type:V-B Architect: Underwood &Associates, LLC <br /> Col. Column SS Storm Sewer construction. An conditions which are not clear or 1005 4th Street <br /> Sus Suspended y Legal Description: <br /> Conc. Concrete L Lay. Lavatory p p are different than required by code or site conditions Permitted uses: Anacortes,WA 98221 LOTS 5 AND 6, BLOCK 78, MAP OF THE CITY OF ANACORTES, SKAGIT 1211 1 Oth Street <br /> Constr. Construction Ivl Microlam timber shall be brought to the attention of the designer Single Family Dwelling units 360-588-0471 COUNTY,WASHINGTON, AS PER PLAT RECORDED IN VOLUME 2 OF <br /> Cont. Continuous Isl Timberstrand timber T. Tread <br /> T TOF Top of Footing immediately. The contractor shall verify all PLATS, PAGES 4 THROUGH 7, RECORDS OF SKAGIT COUNTY, <br /> TOC To Of Curb dimensions and conditions on all sheet drawings Lot Size (minimum in zone): Contractor: Quantum Construction WASHINGTON. <br /> DDbl. Double Max. Maximum g <br /> D. Dryer M Mat. Material T&G Tongue&Groove and in the field, and notify the designer of any 6,000 sf for Single-Family 12761 Quantum Lane <br /> Df Douglas Fir M.b. Machine Bolt Thk. Thick discrepancies before proceeding. 7,500 sf for Duplex Anacortes,WA 98221 Building Areas: <br /> Dn. Down Mech. Mechanical TOS Top Of Slab 360-293-0656 Existing Residence Area: 1,758 sf <br /> DS Downspout Memb. Membrane TOW Top Of Wall 2. Specific notes and details shall take precedence Setbacks: #QUANTCI166DF <br /> Dtl. Detail Tv Television over general notes and typical details. Front:20 feet Infill Existing Car Port to ADU: 492 sf Project: 2022 <br /> � Min. Minimum g <br /> o DW Dishwasher Washer Mir. Mirror Typ. Typical Side Interior Lot: 5 feet Codes Issue Date: 06/13/22 <br /> Mtl. Metal 3. Dimensions shall supersede scale, and are Rear: 20 feet Total New Residential Area: 2250 sf <br /> Ea. Each U UNO Unless Noted Otherwise measured from edge of stud. Where the rear yard abuts a platted alley, a <br /> 1. building 2018 IRC Revisions <br /> E EL Elevation (n) New detached accessory structure, or that portion of the 2. mechanical 2018 IRC Site Area: 6,000 sf <br /> Elec. Electrical Var. Varies <br /> NIC Not In Contract 4. All work shall conform to the latest approved primary structure used as an accessory structure, may No. Date Description <br /> o Elev. Elevator NTS Not To Scale VCT Vinyl Composition Tile editions of the standards listed in "codes". be built in a rear and u to the alley property line, 3. plumbing: 2018 UPC <br /> Vert. Vertical y p y p p y 4. energy and ventilation: 2018 WSEC Lot Coverage by Impervious Surfaces: unchanged <br /> EQ Equal provided that it is set back a minimum of three feet <br /> Vest. Vestibule <br /> Equip. Existing Equipment OC On Center 5. Provide 6" high temporary and permanent from any side property line, and is no larger than one Landscaping: unchanged <br /> ( ) g O OFCI Owner Furnish/ W Washer address numbers on site that are viewable from the thousand square feet and no more than sixteen feet in Project Description <br /> Exist. Existing Contractor Installed <br /> N Ext. Exterior W/ With street. height. <br /> Opng. Opening WC Water Closet <br /> N OSB Oriented Strand Board WD Wood 6. Confirm location of all utilities within easements Lot Coverage (maximum allowed): 35% Infill existing car port into ADU. <br /> o FD Floor Drain <br /> F Fin. Finish W/0 Without and on site prior to excavation work. <br /> P-lam Plastic Laminate WP Water Proof Allowable Height: 25 feet <br /> F.f. Finished Floor g <br /> FS Finished Slab Ply Plywood WWF Welded Wire Fabric Proposed: 19'-9" <br /> FLR Floor PR Pair <br /> :~ Fnd. Foundation PSL Parallam timber Parking: Two off-street parking spaces per dwelling unit. <br /> F.o.c. Face Of Concrete PT Pressure Treated <br /> Q F.o.s. Face Of Studs Title Sheet <br /> Ft. Foot Or Feet <br /> Q Fur. Furring Project Info <br /> o F.e. Fire Extinguisher <br /> v <br /> v <br /> AOOO <br /> u <br /> 6/13/2022 11:40:54 AM <br />