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Municode Page 2 of 2 <br /> 17.27.090- Maximum building height. <br /> ? z <br /> Maximum building height shall be twenty-five feet. However, buildings may be increased to a maximum <br /> of thirty-five feet if two conditions are met: <br /> • <br /> A. The upper floor shall not contain a floor area greater than eighty percent of the floor below. <br /> B. No exterior wall higher than twenty-five feet shall be closer to an adjacent property line than <br /> fifteen feet. <br /> (Ord. 2794., § 1(Att, A}, 12-15-2008) - <br /> 17.27.095- Large structure requirements. <br /> • If a structure covers more than three thousand square feet of land, or if two or more structures on a lot <br /> cover more than four thousand square feet of land, the following additional requirements shall apply: <br /> A. The minimum side yard setback shall be ten feet. <br /> B. For each two hundred square feet of land coverage beyond the above limits, the minimum side <br /> yard setback shall be increase by one foot. <br /> • <br /> (Ord. 2794, § 1(Att. A), 12-15-2008) il <br /> 17.27.100- Design standards. <br /> A. No new curb cuts shall be permitted on a numbered street serviced by an alley; existing curb cuts may <br /> be maintained. Detached garages shall be set back a minimum of fifty feet from the street property line <br /> on a numbered street. . <br /> B. Any roof above fourteen feet shall have a minimum roof pitch of 4:12, except for roofs on porches, <br /> t dormers, bay windows, and similar appurtenances. • <br /> C. The maximum continuous wall length shall be forty feet. Buildings may be longer but shall incorporate <br /> setbacks, recesses, porches, balconies, bay windows or offsets of at least eighteen inches in depth and f <br /> at least eight feet in length and height so that no increment of wall exceeds forty feet. ' <br /> (Oaf. 2794, § 1(Att. A), 12-15-2008) <br /> 17.27.110- Role of the Historic Preservation Board. . • <br /> In order to encourage the preservation of historically and architecturally significant buildings in Old Town, <br /> • <br /> owners of houses on the Anacortes Registry of Historic Places shall petition the Anacortes Historic <br /> • <br /> • <br /> Preservation Board (AHPB) to review plans when an owner plans to significantly restore or remodel the exterior i . <br /> • <br /> of such a house ("significantly remodel is defined as costing more than ten percent of the house's assessed <br /> value). The goal of such a review would be to determine whether bringing such a house into conformity with <br /> current building or zoning codes would significantly alter or compromise the historic integrity of the house. <br /> •• <br /> If the AHPB should determine that bringing a house on the historic registry into conformity with current i <br /> building or zoning codes would significantly compromise the historic or architectural integrity of the house, the <br /> AHPB is encouraged to so inform the building department of the City of Anacortes and the city building <br /> department is encouraged to approve the restoration or remodel provided that the intent of the codes can be ii <br /> • <br /> achieved with alternate means and methods that would have less negative impact on the historic and <br /> architectural characteristics of the building. <br /> F <br /> (Ord. 2794, § 1(Att. A), 12.15-2008) 1 <br /> http://library.munico int.aspx?ciientID=1619 3&HTMReque st^http%3 a%2 f%2fl i... 5/24/2 011 <br />