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"No Parking" areas <br />Truck Route <br />(Friday only) <br />"Q <br />" <br /> <br />A <br />v <br />e <br />n <br />u <br />e <br />2nd <br />3rd <br />4th <br />5th <br />6th <br />7th <br />8th <br />9th <br />10th <br />"O <br />" <br /> <br />A <br />v <br />e <br />n <br />u <br />e <br />3rd <br />4th <br />5th <br />6th <br />7th <br />8th <br />9th <br />10th <br />G u e m e s C h a n n e l <br />West Center East <br />300 block <br />400 block <br />500 block <br />600 block <br />700 block <br />800 block <br />900 block <br />Road <br />Closed <br />Road <br />Closed <br />Paris Restaurant <br />A'Town Bistro <br />Island Cafe <br />Haven Financial <br />Majestic Inn & Spa <br />West <br />Marine <br />parking <br />Brown Lantern Ale House <br />Lil' TugsPulse PNW Fitness <br />Skagit River Bakery <br />Tides of Anacortes <br />Opulence Hair Salon <br />Frida's Mexican Restaurant <br />Chamber <br />Restroom <br />Johnny Picasso's <br />Alley Cat Antiques <br />Profiles Salon <br />USPS <br />Truck <br />Gate <br />Dakota <br />Creek <br />Anacortes Brewery <br />Rockfish Grill <br />Bike Spot <br />Marine Hardware <br />Classic Upholstery <br />Marine Documentation <br />Reisner <br />Distributors <br />Nonna Luisa <br />Red Snapper Gifts <br />El Jineté <br />Mama Wing <br />Scott Milo Gallery <br />Integra <br /> <br />Post Office <br />Gere a Deli <br />Adrift <br />Tangles Hair <br />Camwood Jewelers <br />Pelican Bay Books <br />Wine BarRed Salon <br />Fabrics Plus <br />Family Dental Care <br />Watermark Book Co. <br />Burton's Jewelers <br />Bayshore Office Supplies <br />Outfitter <br />Johnson Manor <br />Painters AlleyIsland Styles <br />Thrifty Kitty & Buer's Floral <br />Sujins Fermentation <br />Pearl Buttons <br />Fidalgo Artisan Yarn & Clothing <br />Courage Group R.E.Village Pizza <br />Chamber of Commerce <br />Calico Cupboard <br />Aspire Wellness <br />Enhance Beauty & Nails <br />Trinity Skateboards <br />Edward Jones Investments <br />Dad's Diner <br />Elizabeth's Cottage <br />Bank of the Pacific <br />The Business <br />Thai Pear <br />Wheel House <br />HIW <br />Restroom <br />Boxes & Bears <br />Salt & Vine <br />The Bead Store <br />Anacortes Oil & Vinegar Bar <br />Union Tavern Local 902 <br />Indulge <br />Reunion <br />Wine Bar Jazz Stage <br />Information <br />AAF <br />Office <br />Main <br />Stage <br />Hideout <br />Bar <br />Food <br />Vendors <br />Working <br />Studios <br />Arts at <br />the Port <br />Youth <br />Activities <br />sound <br />Food <br />Food <br />Food <br />Not to Scale <br />Portable <br />Restrooms <br />Revised Aug 2, 2021 <br />2021 <br />PSE <br />ATM <br />ATM <br />ATM <br />ATM <br />200 block <br />Co <br />m <br />m <br />e <br />r <br />c <br />i <br />a <br />l <br />Av <br />e <br />n <br />u <br />e <br />Handicap Parking <br />Recycle dumpsters <br />30 yd Trash dumpsters <br />Trash, Recycle, Compost <br />4 <br />9 <br />30 <br />3 <br />Grey Water4 <br />PSE <br />PSE <br />PSE <br />PSE <br />PSE <br />PSE <br />PSE <br />PSE PSE <br />PSE