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C <br />A <br />L <br />I <br />F <br />O <br />R <br />N <br />I <br />A <br /> <br /> <br />A <br />V <br />E <br />. <br />UNOPE <br />N <br />E <br />D <br /> R .O .W . <br />E <br />D <br />G <br />E <br /> <br />O <br />F <br /> <br />P <br />A <br />V <br />E <br />M <br />E <br />N <br />T <br />B <br />A <br />L <br />T <br />I <br />M <br />O <br />R <br />E <br /> <br /> <br />A <br />V <br />E <br />. <br />Wetland C <br />Category IV <br />50' Buffer <br />Wetland D <br />Category IV <br />50' Buffer <br />50' <br />P58272 <br />P58277 <br />P58279 <br />NOTE: THE WETLANDS DEPICTED ON THIS DRAWING WERE LOCATED <br />USING A COMBINATION OF SATELLITE & LIDAR IMAGES & GPS-ENABLED <br />SMARTPHONE WITH GPS RECEIVER ACCURATE TO WITHIN 2.5M . <br />TRAIL IMPROVEMENT PROJECT <br />FOR <br />WEST 2ND ST. UNOPENED R.O.W. <br />For: <br />Anacortes Parks &Recreation <br />Attn: Jonn Lunsford <br />904 6th St, Anacortes,WA 98221 <br />SHEET: 1 OF 1 <br />DATE OF VISIT: 11/3/21 <br />BY: A . BACHMAN , PWS <br />Wetland B <br />Category IV <br />50' Buffer Scale 1" = 60' <br />6030 90 1200 <br />50' <br />WEST 2ND ST . <br />LEGEND <br />S3 <br />S4 <br />S2 <br />S1 <br />WETLAND <br />WETLAND/BUFFER IMPACT <br />BUFFERS <br />SAMPLE POINTS 1-4S2S1 <br />N <br />E <br />S <br />W <br />PROPOSED <br />TRAIL/ <br />ELEVATED <br />BOARDWALK