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2022 Free Movie Night on Kingsway Signatures <br />I, a resident living near the "Free Movie Night on <br />Kingsway" event,understand that parking on Kingsway <br />may get congested and noise levels will be much higher <br />than normal on Saturday, August 2; 2022,between the <br />hours of 6:00 PM and 11:30 PM, and I am Okay with that. <br />Address Printed Name <br />5408 Kingsway David Schmelke <br />Signature <br />na Kan <br />YvuGs Mtoryz <br />SSe 24MD <br />DAvi MLor, <br />550g aufoloadaVa a Zde <br />S506 KaasLay|BCadon Rolu <br />64o1 KING swA|Seth Lus Vere <br />0 Kfl4No_Mdlukl Haunah FMai Asud <br />534 Stk l1ng_De SneloN Hain <br />S+03 kwgzuay ehe AYAR