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JAN-02-2013 16:23 Strandberg Construction 360 299 8660 P.001 <br /> CITY OF ANACORTES <br /> ENVIRONMENTAL CHECKLIST FORM <br /> A. BACKGROUND <br /> 1. Name of proposed project, if applicable: <br /> Channel Landing Long Plat <br /> 2. Name of applicant: <br /> Channel Landing LLC <br /> 3. Address and phone number of applicant and contact person: <br /> Channel Landing LLC,Nels Strandberg <br /> PO Box 319 <br /> Anacortes,WA 98221 <br /> 360 293 7431 <br /> <br /> 4. Date checklist prepared: <br /> October 16th 2012 <br /> 5. Agency requesting checklist: <br /> City of Anacortes <br /> 6. Proposed timing or schedule(including phasing, if applicable): <br /> Spring 2013 <br /> 7. Do you have any plan for future additions, expansion, or further activity related to or <br /> connected with this proposal? If yes, explain. <br /> No. <br /> 8. List any environmental information you know that has been prepared, or will be prepared, <br /> directly related to this project. <br /> A geotechnical report has been prepared by GeoEngineers and a tree evaluation was <br /> completed by Urban Forestry Services Inc.. <br /> 9. Do you know whether applications are pending for government approvals of other <br /> proposals directly affecting the affected geographic arca covered by your proposal? If yes, <br /> explain. <br /> Road vacations of existing City right-of-way and a Conditional Use Application for <br /> residential homes in a Commercial Marine (CM) zoning area. <br /> 10. List any government approvals or permits that will be needed for your proposal, if known. <br /> City of Anacortes fill and grade and building permits will be required for the <br /> individual building sites. <br />