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• <br /> GEOENGINEEfR I, <br /> August 20,2007 <br /> Vintage Investments, Inc. <br /> PO Box 973 <br /> Anacortes,Washington 98221 <br /> Attention: Ron Woolworth <br /> Subject: Report of Geotechnical Engineering Services <br /> Proposed Oakes Avenue Lots <br /> Anacortes, Washington <br /> File No. 11143-001-01 <br /> INTRODUCTION AND BACKGROUND <br /> This letter report presents the results of our geotechnical engineering services in regard to tree removal <br /> considerations and slope stability at the proposed Oakes Avenue Lots "site" in Anacortes, Washington. <br /> The site is an approximately 6-acre undeveloped parcel located on the north side of Oakes Avenue (State <br /> Route (SR) 20), immediately east of the Ship Harbor Property. Single-family residences are planned at <br /> the site. Site development will include construction of access roadways and building pads. GeoEngineers <br /> completed a Geologically Hazardous Area Site Assessment report titled "Geotechnical Engineering <br /> Services, Proposed Oakes Avenue Lots, Anacortes, Washington", dated January 22, 2004. Test pit <br /> explorations were also completed during our previous study. Pertinent information from our previous <br /> study is included in this report as appropriate. <br /> The purpose of our services is to address potential impacts to slope stability in regard to proposed tree <br /> removal activities along the steep slope overlooking Guemes Channel at the northern side of Our <br /> services were performed in general accordance with our confirming agreement dated July 26,2007,which <br /> you authorized on July 31, 2007. The scope of services included review of our previous report, geologic <br /> reference materials and a site reconnaissance along the top of the steep slope at the site. <br /> SITE OBSERVATIONS <br /> We perfot.ined a reconnaissance of the site on August 6, 2007. The following is a brief summary of our <br /> observations. <br /> • The site consists of nine proposed lots. The northern portions of Lots 1 through 7 are located <br /> along the steep slope overlooking Guemes Channel. Lots 8 and 9 are located more than 200 feet <br /> south of this steep slope and proposed tree removal in this portion of the site therefore was not <br /> evaluated for this report. <br /> • The upland portion of the site is relatively level to moderately sloping with an overall downward <br /> gradient to the north. The site is forested and contains mature cedar, Douglas fir, maple, and <br /> alder trees with understory vegetation consisting of ferns, salal, stinging nettles, and other <br /> vegetation. <br /> • The ground surface slopes steeply to the north along the northern portions of Lots 1 through 7. <br /> This slope ranges from about 40 to 60 feet high and has inclinations ranging between <br /> . <br /> a e � <br /> Edt(h cieBee-1-TBchnology + Dupont e telo one 360,647 <br /> err _ `: T `a4 Bellingha600Dupom Str <br /> WA et 98225 #aesrmile 3606}7.50441510 <br /> - - <br /> ,- , webkite ' <br />