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SEPA Environmental checklist (WAC 197-11-960) July 2016 Page 4 of 13 <br />4)Will the proposal require surface water withdrawals or diversions? Give general <br />description, purpose, and approximate quantities if known. <br />5)Does the proposal lie within a 100-year floodplain? If so, note location on the site plan. <br />6)Does the proposal involve any discharges of waste materials to surface waters? If so, <br />describe the type of waste and anticipated volume of discharge. <br />b.Ground Water: [help] 1)Will groundwater be withdrawn from a well for drinking water or other purposes? If so, <br />give a general description of the well, proposed uses and approximate quantities <br />withdrawn from the well. Will water be discharged to groundwater? Give general <br />description, purpose, and approximate quantities if known. <br />2)Describe waste material that will be discharged into the ground from septic tanks or <br />other sources, if any (for example: Domestic sewage; industrial, containing the <br />following chemicals. . . ; agricultural; etc.). Describe the general size of the system, the <br />number of such systems, the number of houses to be served (if applicable), or the <br />number of animals or humans the system(s) are expected to serve. <br />c.Water runoff (including stormwater): 1) Describe the source of runoff (including storm water) and method of collection <br />and disposal, if any (include quantities, if known). Where will this water flow? <br />Will this water flow into other waters? If so, describe. <br />2)Could waste materials enter ground or surface waters? If so, generally describe. <br />3)Does the proposal alter or otherwise affect drainage patterns in the vicinity of the site? If <br />so, describe.