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SEPA Environmental checklist (WAC 197-11-960) July 2016 Page 3 of 13 <br />c.What general types of soils are found on the site (for example, clay, sand, gravel, peat, <br />muck)? If you know the classification of agricultural soils, specify them and note any <br />agricultural land of long-term commercial significance and whether the proposal results in <br />removing any of these soils. <br />d.Are there surface indications or history of unstable soils in the immediate vicinity? If so, <br />describe. <br />e. Describe the purpose, type, total area, and approximate quantities and total affected area of <br />any filling, excavation, and grading proposed. Indicate source of fill. <br />f.Could erosion occur as a result of clearing, construction, or use? If so, generally describe. <br />g.About what percent of the site will be covered with impervious surfaces after project <br />construction (for example, asphalt or buildings)? <br />h.Proposed measures to reduce or control erosion, or other impacts to the earth, if any: <br />2.Air [help] a. What types of emissions to the air would result from the proposal during construction, <br />operation, and maintenance when the project is completed? If any, generally describe and <br />give approximate quantities if known. <br />b.Are there any off-site sources of emissions or odor that may affect your proposal? If so, <br />generally describe. <br />c.Proposed measures to reduce or control emissions or other impacts to air, if any: <br />3. Water [help] a.Surface Water: [help] 1)Is there any surface water body on or in the immediate vicinity of the site (including <br />year-round and seasonal streams, saltwater, lakes, ponds, wetlands)? If yes, describe <br />type and provide names. If appropriate, state what stream or river it flows into. <br />2)Will the project require any work over, in, or adjacent to (within 200 feet) the described <br />waters? If yes, please describe and attach available plans. <br />3)Estimate the amount of fill and dredge material that would be placed in or removed <br />from surface water or wetlands and indicate the area of the site that would be affected. <br />Indicate the source of fill material.