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SEPA Environmental checklist (WAC 197-11-960) July 2016 Page 2 of 13 <br />4.Date checklist prepared: <br />5.Agency requesting checklist: <br />6.Proposed timing or schedule (including phasing, if applicable): <br />7.Do you have any plans for future additions, expansion, or further activity related to or <br />connected with this proposal? If yes, explain. <br />8.List any environmental information you know about that has been prepared, or will be <br />prepared, directly related to this proposal. <br />9.Do you know whether applications are pending for governmental approvals of other <br />proposals directly affecting the property covered by your proposal? If yes, explain. <br />10.List any government approvals or permits that will be needed for your proposal, if known. <br />11.Give brief, complete description of your proposal, including the proposed uses and the size <br />of the project and site. There are several questions later in this checklist that ask you to <br />describe certain aspects of your proposal. You do not need to repeat those answers on this <br />page. (Lead agencies may modify this form to include additional specific information on project <br />description.) <br />12.Location of the proposal. Give sufficient information for a person to understand the precise <br />location of your proposed project, including a street address, if any, and section, township, and <br />range, if known. If a proposal would occur over a range of area, provide the range or <br />boundaries of the site(s). Provide a legal description, site plan, vicinity map, and topographic <br />map, if reasonably available. While you should submit any plans required by the agency, you <br />are not required to duplicate maps or detailed plans submitted with any permit applications <br />related to this checklist. <br />B.Environmental Elements [HELP] <br />1.Earth [help] a.General description of the site: <br />(circle one): Flat, rolling, hilly, steep slopes, mountainous, other _____________ <br />b.What is the steepest slope on the site (approximate percent slope)?