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PLANNING, COMMUNITY, & ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT DEPARTMENT <br />Mailing Address: P.O. Box 547, Anacortes, WA 98221 <br />Office Location: 904 6th Street, Anacortes WA 98821 <br />Phone: (360) 293-1901 <br />Page 1 of 18 <br />Res. Building Permit Application Submittal Checklist <br />Updated April 20, 2021 <br />COMMERCIAL OR MULTIFAMILY PERMIT APPLICATION <br />THIS APPLICATION PACKET IS USED FOR THE FOLLOWING PROJECT TYPES: <br />Multifamily, Non-Residential, Commercial, or Industrial Development <br />FORM BP-1: COMMERCIAL OR MULTIFAMILY PERMIT APPLICATION <br />PROPERTY INFORMATION <br />PROJECT ADDRESS (STREET, SUITE #) ASSESSOR PARCEL NUMBER <br />SUBDIVISION/LOT # ZONING LOT AREA (SIZE) _______________ SQ. FT. <br />TYPE OF PROJECT□NEW □ADDITION □REPAIR □REMODEL □CHANGE OF USE <br />PROPOSED STRUCTURE* PROJECT VALUATION (Materials & Labor) <br />$_________________________________ <br />*If application is for a shoreline structure, please complete the Shoreline Structure Checklist. <br />PROJECT SUMMARY* <br />*If the project includes: 10 or more dwelling units, 12,000 sq. ft. or more of nonresidential gross floor area, or 20,000 <br />sq. ft. or more of nonresidential site improvements, please complete the Site Plan Review Checklist <br /> IS THIS WORK ASSOCIATED WITH ANOTHER PROJECT? □ YES □ NO <br />If YES, provide the permit/application number: __________________________________________ PROPERTY OWNER INFORMATION <br />NAME PHONE <br />ADDRESS (STREET, CITY, STATE, ZIP) EMAIL ADDRESS <br />CONTRACTOR INFORMATION <br />NAME* PHONE <br />CONTRACTOR’S BUSINESS LICENSES - All Contractors & Subcontractors must have a valid City of Anacortes business <br />license prior to doing work in the City. <br />STATE LICENSE # EXPIRATION UBI # EXPIRATION <br />ADDRESS (STREET, CITY, STATE, ZIP) EMAIL ADDRESS <br />CONTACT PERSON - Select one person the city will contact for anything related to this project: <br />☐APPLICANT ☐ PROPERTY OWNER ☐ CONTRACTOR ☐ OTHER (LIST BELOW) <br />NAME PHONE <br />ADDRESS (STREET, CITY, STATE, ZIP) EMAIL ADDRESS