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Conditional Use Permit Checklist <br />Updated October 2021 Page 3 of 7 <br />k. TRANSPORTATION CONCURRENCY REVIEW FORM: This form is used to collect <br />information for the City’s travel demand model, which is used to determine a project’s impacts <br />on the transportation system. Under GMA, the City must prohibit development approval if the <br />development would cause the level of service on a locally owned transportation facility to <br />decline below the standards adopted in the transportation element of the comprehensive plan, <br />unless transportation improvements or strategies to accommodate the impacts of development <br />are made concurrent with the development. AMC 19.22 Concurrency contains the review <br />criteria. <br />l. SUBDIVISION GUARANTEE: A document prepared by a title insurance company documenting <br />the ownership and title of all interested parties in the development and that lists all <br />encumbrances. This document is needed to verify property ownership and to identify any <br />encumbrances that are recorded to the property’s title. Copies of all the encumbrances listed <br />within the certificate or report must be provided. The certificate or report must be dated within <br />30 days prior to the submittal of a permit to the City. <br />m. RECORDED PROPERTY BOUNDARY SURVEY: A recorded survey is required to define the <br />limits of the property subject to the application. All property corners must be staked/marked <br />and visible. <br />n. DIGITAL COPY OF ALL APPLICATION DOCUMENTS: PDF format files for all submittal items, <br />named as they appear on the submittal checklist, must be provided on a flash drive or emailed <br />to <br /> TECHNICAL REPORTS <br />Following is a list of technical reports that may be required to be submitted to the City depending on <br />project and site-specific factors. The general triggers for each of the listed technical reports is provided <br />below: <br />A. CRITICAL AREAS REPORTS: In general, Critical Area reports are required when wetlands, <br />streams, habitat conservation areas, geologically hazardous areas, shorelines, or aquifer <br />recharge areas are located on or near a site. Critical area mitigation plans may also be required, <br />depending on the project proposal. See Anacortes Municipal Code Ch. 19.70 for additional <br />information. <br />B. PARKING STUDY: A parking study may be required to determine the parking requirements for <br />a specific use, adjusting minimum and maximum quantitative parking requirements, <br />determining times of peak demand, and determining impacts to on-street parking in the vicinity <br />of a proposed development. See AMC 19.64.020 for more info. <br />C. CULTURAL RESOURCES REPORT: For more information on cultural resource surveys contact <br />the Washington Department of Archaeology and Historic Preservation <br />( <br />D. OTHER TECHNICAL REPORTS MAY BE REQUIRED TO DETERMINE /ENSURE <br />CONFORMANCE WITH CUP CRITERIA. <br />