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<br /> <br /> <br />architecture ● engineering ● planning ● interiors <br />617 Western Avenue | Seattle, Washington 98104 | 206.946.9746 | www.wja <br /> <br />• Improved security <br />• New fire protection throughout <br />• Improved stormwater treatment <br />• Improved energy performance <br /> <br />This facility, as well as its service members, have been a part of the local Anacortes community for over 50 <br />years and plans to continue this presence well into the future. The planning for building addition and <br />renovation improvements such as this takes the Washington Military Department a decade or more to <br />appropriate funds and design efforts. It is hoped that the City of Anacortes can be amendable and equitable to <br />these efforts to improve this building’s function and use, and its users while maintaining this community <br />connection. The design efforts have gone to great lengths to be as mindful to the surrounding neighborhood <br />as possible to provide minimal to no impact within this zone. <br /> <br />Our hope is that this memo helps inform you of the importance and contributions this facility brings to the City <br />of Anacortes. Thank you. <br /> <br />Signed: Clint Treat, AIA <br /> <br />