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<br /> <br /> <br />MEMO <br /> <br />architecture ● engineering ● planning ● interiors <br />617 Western Avenue | Seattle, Washington 98104 | 206.946.9746 | www.wja <br /> <br /> <br /> <br />April 27, 2022 <br />To: City of Anacortes Building Planning, Community, and Economic Development <br />Cc: Nathan Goldschmidt <br />From: WJA Design Collaborative (Clint Treat, AIA) <br />Subject: Anacortes Readiness Center Renovation and Alteration (2219 M Avenue) <br /> <br />To the Director of Planning, Don Measamer and your team: <br />Following yesterday’s Pre-Application conference call/meeting, the Designer of Record and Owner’s group <br />(including the Washington Military Department) wanted to be as transparent as possible regarding the design <br />for the Anacortes Readiness Center Renovation and Alteration in hopes that your team has all the appropriate <br />information regarding the proposed building addition, renovation work, and site improvements. <br />The proposed building addition is limited to a square footage increase of a gross 3,629 SF in footprint. The <br />addition is only to increase program areas of uses already occurring within the building. The addition includes <br />classroom, fitness/exercise room, and corridor expansions. The physical structure will be built of CMU and <br />covered with metal panels matching the finishes on the existing building. <br />We have listed a series of items that would be typically considered critical to the City of Anacortes’ interest <br />that this design has mitigated by providing no impact. These include: <br />• No change of use <br />• No change in occupant loads (current user count of the facility is not increasing) <br />• No change in building height <br />• No change in parking <br />• No change in lot setbacks <br />• No change or impacts to existing traffic levels <br />• No increase to plumbing fixture count, yet the project maintains current code minimum fixture counts <br />• No change to main entries <br />• No Increase of stormwater runoff <br />• No change in building frontage <br />• No greenspace impacts <br />Additionally, we would like to make known the improvements this facility will accrue after the project <br />completion, which will benefit the public that interact with the structure bettering the welfare this facility <br />brings. These improvements include: <br /> <br />• Complete ADA upgrades at toilet rooms and interior lifts <br />• Full seismic upgrade for entire building <br />• Abatement of interior hazardous materials <br />• Increased leasable classroom spaces