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C'f � <br /> t74 4COR. <br /> SPECIAL EVENT <br /> INDEMNIFICATION AGREEMENT <br /> The undersigned applicant, by signing below, certifies that the applicant is the authorized officer of the <br /> sponsoring organization and agrees as follows: <br /> Pursuant to Anacortes Municipal Code Title 7.04.090,the undersigned applicant agrees to defend, <br /> indemnify and hold the City of Anacortes, its agents, employees and officers, harmless from any and all <br /> claims, injuries,suits, damages, losses, demands and judgments including the attorneys'fees and other <br /> costs of their defense, arising out of in whole or in part,the activities, omissions or appliances of the <br /> applicant, his employees, agents,volunteers or otherwise, except any claims arising from the sole <br /> negligence of the City. The applicant further agrees to comply with all provisions of pertinent laws, rules <br /> and regulations, and agrees that any failure to so comply may lead to revocation of an applicant's <br /> permit. This Indemnification Agreement constitutes substantial adequate consideration in return for <br /> the City's issuance of a special event permit. <br /> Date: jici7.4/2.02.2 <br /> ) ID( <br /> ame and Title—Printed U Name and Title—Printed <br /> (S ClaillYVA <br /> ature Signature <br /> C:\Users\marciah\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Windows\INetCache\Content.Outlook\TX42D7PF\Indemnif <br /> ication Agreement.docx <br />