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Document Phase: <br /> remark <br />A2.1 <br />mi <br />c <br />h <br />a <br />e <br />l <br /> <br />t <br />r <br />a <br />f <br />t <br />o <br />n <br />45 <br />3 <br />4 <br /> <br />s <br />h <br />a <br />r <br />p <br />e <br /> <br />r <br />d <br />. <br /> <br />an <br />a <br />c <br />o <br />r <br />t <br />e <br />s <br />, <br /> <br />w <br />a <br />. <br /> <br />9 <br />8 <br />2 <br />2 <br />1 <br />te <br />l <br />e <br />s <br />i <br />s <br />. <br />t <br />r <br />a <br />f <br />t <br />o <br />n <br />@ <br />g <br />m <br />a <br />i <br />l <br />. <br />c <br />o <br />m <br />36 <br />0 <br />. <br />4 <br />2 <br />0 <br />. <br />1 <br />4 <br />9 <br />7 <br /> <br />c <br />e <br />l <br />l <br />/ <br />t <br />e <br />x <br />t <br />te <br />l <br />e <br />s <br />i <br />s <br />d <br />e <br />s <br />i <br />g <br />n <br />t <br />e <br />a <br />m <br />. <br />c <br />o <br />m <br />The use of these plans and specifications is restricted to the original site for which they were prepared. Re-use, reproduction or publication by any method <br />in whole or in part is prohibited, unless authorized by Michael Trafton. Ownership of the design, plans and specifications is solely with Michael Trafton. <br />Construction Documents <br />Ke <br />i <br />t <br />h <br /> <br />a <br />n <br />d <br /> <br />C <br />a <br />t <br />h <br />y <br /> <br />K <br />r <br />a <br />z <br />n <br />o <br />w <br />s <br />k <br />i <br />In <br />t <br />e <br />r <br />i <br />o <br />r <br /> <br />R <br />e <br />m <br />o <br />d <br />e <br />l <br />52 <br />0 <br />1 <br /> <br />D <br />o <br />o <br />n <br /> <br />W <br />a <br />y <br />An <br />a <br />c <br />o <br />r <br />t <br />e <br />s <br />, <br /> <br />W <br />a <br />. <br /> <br />9 <br />8 <br />2 <br />2 <br />1 <br />Document Date: <br />April 1st,2022 <br />40 <br />' <br />- <br />0 <br />" <br />80'-0" <br />58'-0"22'-0" <br />8' <br />- <br />0 <br />" <br />22 <br />' <br />- <br />0 <br />" <br />10 <br />' <br />- <br />0 <br />" <br />15'-11" <br />64'-1" <br />11 <br />' <br />- <br />3 <br /> <br />3 <br />/ <br />4 <br />" <br />9' <br />- <br />1 <br /> <br />3 <br />/ <br />4 <br />" <br />19 <br />' <br />- <br />6 <br /> <br />1 <br />/ <br />2 <br />" <br />As Is Plan <br />A S I S F L O O R P L A N <br />A2.1 <br />1 <br />1/4"=1'-0" <br />FLOOR PLAN GENERAL NOTES: <br />1.REFER TO MANUFACTURER'S SPECIFICATIONS FOR HEARTH <br />REQUIREMENTS. (IF NO SPECIFICATIONS PROVIDED BY THE <br />MANUFACTURER, HEARTHS SHALL EXTEND AT LEAST 16" FROM THE <br />FRONT OF AND AT LEAST 8" BEYOND EACH SIDE OF THE FIREBOX. <br />WHERE THE FIREBOX OPENING IS 6 SQUARE FEET OR LARGER, THE <br />HEARTH EXTENSION SHALL EXTEND AT LEAST 20" IN FRONT AND AT <br />LEAST 12" BEYOND EACH SIDE.) <br />2.FIRE BLOCKING BETWEEN CHIMNEYS AND COMBUSTIBLE <br />CONSTRUCTION SHALL BE INSTALLED AT 10' INTERVALS, BOTH <br />VERTICAL AND HORIZONTAL. <br />3.STAIR HANDRAILS SHALL BE PLACED NOT LESS THAN 34 or MORE THAN <br />38" ABOVE LANDINGS AND THE NOSING OF THE TREADS. THEY SHALL <br />BE CONTINUOUS FOR THE FULL LENGTH OF THE STAIRS AND THE <br />ENDS SHALL BE RETURNED. IN RESIDENTIAL OCCUPANCIES <br />HANDRAILS MAY HAVE STARTING NEWELS WITHIN THE FIRST TREAD. <br />CIRCULAR HANDRAILS SHALL BE NOT LESS THAN 1-1/4" NOR MORE <br />THAN 2" IN CROSS-SECTIONAL DIAMETER AND HAVE A SMOOTH <br />GRIPPING SURFACE. HANDRAILS THAT ARE NOT CIRCULAR SHALL <br />HAVE A PERIMETER DIMENSION OF AT LEAST 4" AND NOT GREATER <br />THAN 6.25" WITH A MAXIMUM CROSS SECTION DIMENSION OF 2.25". A <br />SPACE OF NOT LESS THAN 1-1/2 " SHALL BE PROVIDED BETWEEN THE <br />WALL AND THE RAIL. <br />4.STAIR GUARDRAILS WHOSE TOP RAIL ALSO SERVING AS HANDRAILS <br />TO BE NOT LESS THAN 34" NOR MORE THAN 38" HIGH MEASURED <br />VERTICALLY FROM THE LEADING EDGE OF THE STAIR TREAD NOSING. <br />IF THE GRIPPABLE RAIL IS NOT THE TOP RAIL OF THE GUARD, THE <br />GUARD SHALL BE INSTALLED AT 42" MINIMUM HEIGHT AND THE <br />GRIPPABLE RAIL SHALL BE INSTALLED AT 34"-38". NO OPENINGS AT <br />GUARD RAILS SHALL ALLOW A 4" SPHERE TO PASS THROUGH. <br />TRIANGULAR OPENINGS FORMED BY THE RISE, TREAD AND BOTTOM <br />ELEMENT OF A GUARDRAIL AT THE OPEN SIDE OF A STAIRWAY MAY BE <br />OF SUCH SIZE THAT A SPHERE 6" IN DIAMETER CANNOT PASS <br />THROUGH. <br />5.DWELLING BASEMENTS AND EVERY SLEEPING ROOM SHALL HAVE AT <br />LEAST ONE OPERABLE WINDOW OR DOOR APPROVED FOR <br />EMERGENCY ESCAPE OR RESCUE. WINDOW FINISHED SILL HEIGHT <br />SHALL BE NOT MORE THAN 44" ABOVE THE FLOOR WITH A MINIMUM <br />NET CLEAR OPENABLE AREA OF 5.7 SQUARE FEET; MINIMUM NET <br />CLEAR OPENABLE HEIGHT OF 24"; AND MINIMUM NET CLEAR <br />OPENABLE WIDTH OF 20". <br />6.MINIMUM OPENING PROTECTION FOR DOOR BETWEEN GARAGE AND <br />RESIDENCE SHALL BE THE INSTALLATION OF A SELF-CLOSING TIGHT- <br />FITTING SOLID WOOD DOOR 1 3/8 " IN THICKNESS OR A SELF-CLOSING <br />TIGHT-FITTING DOOR HAVING A FIRE PROTECTION RATING OF NOT <br />LESS THAN 20 MINUTES. <br />7.MINIMUM OCCUPANCY SEPARATION BETWEEN GARAGE AND <br />RESIDENCE SHALL BE THE INSTALLATION OF MATERIALS APPROVED <br />FOR ONE-HOUR FIRE-RESISTIVE CONSTRUCTION ON THE GARAGE <br />SIDE. WHERE THE SEPARATION IS HORIZONTAL, STRUCTURAL <br />MEMBERS SUPPORTING THE SEPARATION SHALL BE PROTECTED BY <br />EQUIVALENT FIRE-RESISTIVE CONSTRUCTION. <br />8.THE WALLS AND SOFFITS OF THE ENCLOSED USEABLE SPACE UNDER <br />STAIRS SHALL BE PROTECTED ON THE ENCLOSED SIDE AS REQUIRED <br />FOR ONE-HOUR FIRE-RESISTIVE CONSTRUCTION. <br />9.GLAZING IN HAZARDOUS LOCATIONS SHALL BE SAFETY GLAZING. THE <br />FOLLOWING SHALL BE CONSIDERED HAZARDOUS LOCATIONS: <br />GLAZING IN DOORS AND ENCLOSURES FOR HOT TUBS, WHIRLPOOLS, <br />SAUNAS, STEAM ROOMS, BATHTUBS AND SHOWERS; GLAZING IN ANY <br />PORTION OF A BUILDING WALL ENCLOSING THESE COMPARTMENTS <br />WHERE THE BOTTOM EXPOSED EDGE OF THE GLAZING IS LESS THAN <br />60" ABOVE A STANDING SURFACE AND DRAIN INLET; GLAZING WITHIN <br />A 24" ARC OF EITHER VERTICAL EDGE OF A DOOR (IN A CLOSED <br />POSITION); GLAZING IN WALLS ENCLOSING STAIRWAY LANDINGS OR <br />W/I 5' OF THE BOTTOM AND TOP OF STAIRWAYS WHERE THE BOTTOM <br />EDGE OF THE GLASS IS < 60" ABOVE A WALKING SURFACE. (SLIDING <br />GLASS DOORS WHICH ARE REVERSIBLE ARE TO HAVE TEMPERED <br />GLAZING W/I 24" ARC OF EITHER EDGE OF ENTIRE GLASS ENCLOSURE.) <br />10.NATURAL VENTILATION BY MEANS OF OPENABLE EXTERIOR OPENINGS <br />WITH AN AREA OF NOT LESS THAN 4% OF FLOOR AREA IS REQUIRED <br />IN GUEST ROOMS AND HABITABLE ROOMS. EVERY SPACE INTENDED <br />FOR HUMAN OCCUPANCY SHALL BE PROVIDED WITH NATURAL LIGHT <br />BY MEANS OF GLAZED OPENINGS OR ARTIFICIAL LIGHT. THE MINIMUM <br />NET GLAZED AREA SHALL BE NOT LESS THAN 8% OF THE FLOOR AREA. <br />11.ALL FOUNDATION WALLS ADJACENT TO PATIO AREAS AND/OR RETAIN <br />EARTH AT CRAWLS SPACES SHALL BE WATERPROOFED WITH A SELF- <br />ADHERED WATERPROOFING MEMBRANE SYSTEM INSTALLED PER <br />MANUFACTURER'S REQUIREMENTS. AT ALL DOOR AND WINDOW <br />OPENINGS THAT ARE FLUSH TO FLOOR FINISH, IN ADDITION TO THE <br />WATERPROOFING MEMBRANE, GALV. MTL FLASHING SHALL ALSO BE <br />INSTALLED AND CARRIED DOWN 12" BELOW RETAINED EDGE. <br />12.ANNULAR SPACES AROUND PIPES, ELECTRIC CABLES, CONDUITS, OR <br />OTHER OPENINGS IN PLATES AT EXTERIOR WALLS SHALL BE <br />PROTECTED AGAINST THE PASSAGE OF RODENTS BY CLOSING SUCH <br />OPENINGS WITH CEMENT MORTAR, COMCRETE MASONRY OR SIMILAR <br />METHOD ACCEPTABLE TO THE ENFORCING AGENCY. <br />MUD ROOM <br />LAUNDRY <br />KITCHEN <br />DINING <br />BEDROOM <br />HALLWAY <br />STORAGE <br />RM <br />MA. BEDROOM <br />WALKIN <br />CLOSET BATH <br />M. BATH <br />DECK <br />GARAGE <br />Floor Over Crawl Space <br />FLOOR FINISH, SEE FLOOR <br />PLANS <br />FLOORING SUBSTRATE <br />PLYWOOD FLOORING <br />FLOOR FRAMING <br />R-30 BLANKET INSULATION <br />Deck <br />NEWE COMPOSITE DECKING <br />EXISTING DECK FRAME,INSPECT <br />AND REPLACE WHERE NEEDED <br />Interior Wall <br />1/2" TYPE "X" GYP.BD. <br />2X4'S @ 16" O.C. <br />1/2" TYPE "X" GYP. BD. <br />LIVING