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Contract Number 09-011-TRN-004 <br /> Modification 01 <br /> Page 2 of 2 <br /> ARTICLE III. CONTRACT TIMES AND LIQUIDATED DAMAGES <br /> Paragraph A.1.second sentence, is revised to read"Physical Completion as defined in section 108.5 of the Special Provisions shall <br /> be achieved within 55 Fifty-Five working days of the Notice to Proceed." <br /> ARTICLE IV. CONTRACT PRICE <br /> First paragraph,first sentence revise to read "....which is included as Exhibit B based upon the Unit Prices shown." <br /> First paragraph,second sentence revise to read The total contract price is Four Hundred Fifty-One Thousand Two Hundred <br /> Ninety-Seven Dollars and Thirty Five Cents($451,297.35), including sales tax." <br /> ARTICLE VI. CONTRACT DOCUMENTS <br /> Under Paragraph B add the following: <br /> "4. Exhibits B through H incorporated by reference under Modification 01 and made a part hereof." <br /> All other terms and conditions remain unchanged. <br /> The parties acknowledge that there has been an opportunity to negotiate the terms and conditions of this Modification and agree <br /> to be bound accordingly. The Contractor releases the City from any and all claims whatsoever nature which may arise in <br /> performance of this Contract which are not set forth through this Modification. <br /> CITY OF ANACORTES SCHWETZ C UCTION, INC. <br /> By rki By /' <br /> H. Dean/ Maxwell, Mayor Signat <br /> Date Cho c' It Printed Name P I v-o, 5 -kw t <br /> Title 6 c$)t"t t A 4"c,) e+� <br /> Date 41 Ay 6 ,, Zd/c <br /> FOR GOVERNMENT USE ONLY <br /> Original Agreement Amount 426,187.12 Original Contract Completion Date 5/07/2010 <br /> Current Agreement Amount 426,187.12 Current Contract Completion Date 5/07/2010 <br /> Change Per this Modification 25,110.23 Net Change 10 working days <br /> Total After Amendment 451,297.35 Contract Completion Date After Change 5/21/2010 <br /> APPROVALS: <br /> S-b"1- <br /> Project Manager Date <br /> —~l 05 —07 <br /> Pub i W rl4 rector Date <br /> A9-4 t s-, 3, ) <br /> Finance Director Date <br />