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FENCES, WALLS & HEDGES IN RESIDENTIAL ZONES <br /> For the complete rules, including standards for Mixed Use and Industrial zones,go to AMC 19.66 Fences, <br /> Walls, & Hedges. <br /> The following standards apply to fences, walls, and hedges in residential zones. Residential zones <br /> include R1, R2, R2A, R3, R3A, OT, R4 and R4A. An illustration clarifying location of fences as used in the <br /> table is on the next page. <br /> Table 19.66.030 <br /> Height standards for fences,walls,and hedges in residential zones by location, <br /> Location Maximum heightMaximum height for homes with <br /> accessory daycare uses <br /> 42" 54",and any portion above 42"must be <br /> Within the street setback <br /> at least 50-percent transparent <br /> «. 7 <br /> Elsewhere between the facade See subsection iAaf2 below for <br /> exceptions for lots on the north side 7' <br /> and street property line <br /> of Oakes Avenue between D Avenue <br /> and Ferry Terminal Road. <br /> Corner lot—side fence, <br /> 1�ti;'t�ft<n 5-feet of any street 42" 54"„and any portion above 42"'must be <br /> lineat least 50-percent transparent <br /> property <br /> Corner lot—side fence, <br /> ea more than 5-feet from any33 <br /> 7' e <br /> street property line <br /> Along/near any internal side <br /> 7' 7' <br /> property line <br /> Along/near rear property line <br /> with or without an abutting 7' 7' <br /> alley <br /> 54'within 5'of the property line;and any <br /> Through — ithin 5"of a <br /> street property line 42" portion above 42'must be at least 50- <br /> ro <br /> cu percent transparent <br /> ce <br /> Through lots—5"or more from .ee subsection VA:l zl below for <br /> street property line exceptions for lets on the north side 7" <br /> of Oakes Avenue between D Avenue <br /> and Ferry Terminal Road. <br /> Fence Permit Application <br /> Updated December 2021 Page 3 of 4 <br />