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CITY OF ANACORTES <br /> CONTRACT FOR PROFESSIONAL SERVICES <br /> INDIGENT DEFENSE <br /> This agreement is being made this day of December, 1999,between the CITY OF ANACORTES, <br /> a municipal corporation,hereinafter referred to as the"City", and Cindy Tims, a sole proprietor,herein <br /> after referred to as the "Contractor", for the purpose of providing attorney services as outlined herein, <br /> commencing the 1st day of January, 2000,and terminating the 31st day of December,2000. The parties <br /> hereby agree as follows: <br /> I. SERVICES <br /> The Contractor agrees to provide professional legal services in performing all Municipal Court <br /> cases,inclusive of appeals,which have been determined to be within the scope of indigent defense as <br /> follows: <br /> 1. The Contractor shall maintain contact with the indigent defendants assigned to him/her; <br /> 2. The Contractor will be expected to make contact,in person,within 24 hours with the <br /> defendant when notified the defendant is in jail. <br /> 3. In the event,the public defender is unable to represent a referred defendant due to a <br /> conflict; the Contractor shall be responsible for arranging a conflict attorney to represent <br /> said defendant. The City shall pay an amount not to exceed$300 per case to the conflict <br /> attorney. <br /> 4. The Contractor shall timely notify the court and the prosecutor if substitute counsel will <br /> be appearing on his/her behalf on any court day. <br /> II. CONSIDERATION <br /> In consideration for the services described above,the city agrees to pay to the <br /> order of the individual Contractor performing such services as follows: <br /> 1. The sum of$30,900.00 per year,payable in 12 monthly installments of <br /> $2,575.00. Payable on or before the 10th day of the month during which services were <br /> provided. <br /> III. REVIEW AND SUPERVISION <br /> The City reserves the right to assure that indigent clients referred to the Contractor hereunder <br /> receive proper representation and further reserves the right to review and investigate the quality of such <br /> representation and require the Contractor to assist in any such review or investigation. Nothing in this <br /> section shall be construed or applied in any manner such that it may violate the confidentiality of any <br /> privileged information. <br /> IV.MAINTENANCE OF OFFICE <br /> The contractor agrees to maintain a law office,within Skagit County,Washington,with <br /> sufficient facilities to provide adequate legal representation as required by this contract. <br /> 1 <br />