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Contract No. ENA -Is-1(0 41sz <br /> Skagit Valley Dates: <br /> From 3/211y To 4 l30 I <br /> °"'"'"''fr Contract <br /> Amount$ Zoo/ <br /> INTERAGENCY AGREEMENT <br /> BETWEEN <br /> SKAGIT VALLEY COLLEGE <br /> AND <br /> ANACORTES POLICE DEPARTMENT <br /> PARTIES TO THE AGREEMENT <br /> THIS AGREEMENT is made and entered into by and between Skagit Valley College, <br /> hereinafter referred to as"SVC" and Anacortes Police Department, hereinafter referred to <br /> as "APD" pursuant to the authority granted by Chapter 39.34 RCW. <br /> IT IS THE PURPOSE OF THIS AGREEMENT to provide for the terms of use and short- <br /> term rental of an SVC-owned simulator to APD to accomplish training of police <br /> officers pursuant to its mission and purpose. <br /> THEREFORE, IT IS MUTUALLY AGREED THAT SVC and APD will cooperate to fulfill the <br /> entry-level, ongoing, and specialized training that APD requires, through the short-term <br /> rental of the SVC-owned use of force judgment training simulator package. <br /> STATEMENT OF WORK <br /> SVC and APD agree to and shall furnish the necessary personnel, equipment, material <br /> and/or service(s) and otherwise do all things necessary for or incidental to the performance <br /> of the work set forth below. These tasks include: <br /> SVC agrees to: <br /> 1. provide the Ti Training®Simulator and components to APD for training purposes <br /> based upon a "24-hour day" rental period, or per-hour basis, as requested; <br /> 2. invoice APD for periods of use. <br /> APD agrees to: <br /> 1) provide a space suitable for the set-up and operation of the Simulator in a "training <br /> environment"; <br /> 2) set up, operate, and re-package the Simulator after use; <br /> 3) operate the Simulator in accordance with training and manufacturer recommendations; <br /> 4) make no adjustment, placement, addition or revision to Simulator hardware or <br /> software, including components; <br /> 5) Make no subordinate loan, rental or lease of SVC equipment to another agency or <br /> organization; <br /> 6) promptly report damage, repair, defects or deficiencies in the Simulator or its <br /> supporting components to the SVC contact person; <br /> 7) identify a suitable number of trained, in-house instructors who will be the sole operators <br /> of the Simulator for APD. These instructors will be required to take part in approved <br /> Interagency Agreement <br /> Approved 1/15/10 <br />