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• <br /> INTERLOCAL AGREEMENT <br /> FOR CONSTRUCTION OF <br /> SKATEBOARD PARK <br /> PARTIES <br /> The Parties to this agreement are: <br /> 1. The CITY OF ANACORTES, WASHINGTON,a municipal corporation of the State of <br /> Washington(City);and <br /> 2. SKAGIT COUNTY, WASHINGTON, a municipal corporation of the State of Washington <br /> (County). <br /> RECITALS <br /> WHEREAS,County and City recognize the need for facilities which provide a positive recreational <br /> opportunity for citizens,and particularly for youth,and - <br /> WHEREAS, County and City recognize that skateboard facilities are a popular and positive recreational <br /> activity particularly among youth, and <br /> WHEREAS, County and City recognize that appropriate skateboard facilities are lacking in the City and <br /> County, <br /> NOW,THEREFORE, in consideration of the mutual obligations set forth herein,and under the authority <br /> of Chapter 39.34 RCW, it is agreed as follows: <br /> AGREEMENT <br /> 1. Purpose: The purpose of this agreement shall be to provide for the construction of a Skateboard Park <br /> as described on the attached Exhibit A. <br /> A.City agrees to construct the park described above,and to maintain such park for use by <br /> residents throughout the County. <br /> 2. Legal Entities: No new or separate legal entity shall be created by this agreement. <br /> A. This park shall be under the exclusive ownership and control of the City.County shall assume <br /> no obligation for maintenance or control and shall not be liable in any way for injuries or <br /> damages resulting from the use of the park.City agrees to hold County harmless therefore. <br /> 3. Method of Termination and Disposition of Property: Upon termination of this agreement, as set forth <br /> in Section 5,all property shall remain in the exclusive ownership of the City. <br /> 4.Financing: City shall be solely responsible for providing the funding to construct this park,except as <br /> provided herein.Such funding may come from grant sources,other governmental agencies and/or <br /> any available City funds. <br /> A. County, in consideration of the construction of the skateboard park by City,agrees to pay to <br /> City the sum of TWENTY THOUSAND DOLLARS($20,000.00). <br /> Interlocal Agreement—Skateboard Interlocal-Anacortes Page I <br />