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-Pf <br /> FINDINGS OF FACT AND CONCLUSIONS OF LAW AND DECISION THEREON <br /> ON JACK V. VESSER'S <br /> CONDITIONAL USE PERMIT APPLICATION <br /> SINGLE FAMILY IN THE LM 1 ZONE <br /> (Final <br /> FINDINGS OF FACT <br /> 1.0 General Background <br /> 1.1 The City of Anacortes Municipal Code specifies that single family homes are a conditional use <br /> in the LM 1 Zone. Anacortes Municipal Code Section 17.19.040 (A). <br /> 1.2 On August 10, 2006 Mr. Jack V. Vesser applied for a Conditional Use Permit to develop a <br /> single family residence to be located generally at Lots 1-4 and 38240, Block 6, Fidalgo Bay <br /> Addition, Fidalgo Bay Road and Highway 20, Anacortes, Skagit County, Washington. The <br /> application is Exhibit 1. <br /> 1.3 The project site is in an area designated in the City of Anacortes Comprehensive Land Use <br /> Plan as LM 1. <br /> 1.4 The project site is in an area zoned in the Anacortes Municipal Code as LM 1. <br /> 2.0 Description of Facility <br /> 2.1 The project site plan drawing and vicinity maps are attached hereto in Attachment A to <br /> Exhibit 1. <br /> 2.2 The site is surrounded by the LM 1 Zone with Fidalgo Bay to the east and Skagit County to <br /> the west of Highway 20. <br /> 3.0 Consideration of Alternatives <br /> 3.1 The applicant has considered and rejected alternative designs. <br /> 4.0 State Environmental Policy Act (SEPA) <br /> 4.1 The Planning Director has been designated the responsible official for those proposals for <br /> which the City is the lead Agency. <br /> 4.2 The Planning Director has determined that the project is exempt from SEPA as less than 20 <br /> dwelling units are involved with the project. Anacortes Municipal Code 18.04.120. <br />