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CONTRACTOR for completion of the Work and in accordance to the same and the <br /> attached bid schedule, which is included as an Exhibit to this Agreement based upon <br /> the Unit Prices shown. The total contract price is Four Hundred Twenty-Six <br /> Thousand One Hundred Eighty-Seven Dollars and Twelve Cents ($426,187.12). <br /> A. Retainage: <br /> 1. OWNER shall retain from progress payments not more than five (5) <br /> percent of the value of Work completed, including stored materials. <br /> Said amount to be held and treated in accordance with RCW 60.28. <br /> B. Interest: <br /> 1. Moneys not paid when due as provided in the General Conditions <br /> shall bear interest at the maximum rate allowed by law at the place of <br /> the Project. <br /> V. CONTRACTOR REPRESENTATIONS. <br /> In order to induce OWNER to enter in this Agreement, CONTRACTOR'S <br /> representations are as set forth as follows: <br /> A. CONTRACTOR has familiarized him/herself with the nature and extent of <br /> the Contract Document, scope of Work, site conditions, locality, general <br /> nature of work to be performed by OWNER or others at the site that <br /> relates to Work required by the Contract Documents and local conditions <br /> and federal, state, and local laws and Regulations that in any manner <br /> may affect cost, progress, performance, or furnishing of Work. <br /> B. CONTRACTOR has carefully studied and examined the supplement, <br /> referred to above, which pertain to the conditions (subsurface or physical) <br /> to or contiguous to the site which may affect cost, progress, performance, <br /> or furnishing of said Work as CONTRACTOR deems necessary for the <br /> performance and furnishing of the Work at the Contract Price, within the <br /> Contract Times, and in accordance with other terms and conditions of the <br /> Contract Documents, including specifically the provisions of the 2010 <br /> WSDOT Specifications; and no additional or supplementary <br /> examinations, investigations, explorations, tests, reports, or similar <br /> information or data are or will be required by CONTRACTOR for such <br /> purposes. <br /> C. CONTRACTOR has reviewed and checked information and data shown <br /> or indicated in the Contract Documents with respect to existing <br /> Underground Facilities at or contiguous to the site and has included costs <br /> as defined by WSDOT Specifications. <br /> D. CONTRACTOR has correlated information known to CONTRACTOR and <br /> results of such observations, familiarizations, examination, investigations, <br /> explorations, tests, and studies with Contract Documents. <br /> E. CONTRACTOR has given OWNER written notice of conflicts, errors, <br /> ambiguities or discrepancies that it has discovered in the Contract <br /> Documents and the written resolution thereof by OWNER is acceptable to <br /> CONTRACTOR, and the Contract Documents are generally sufficient to <br /> indicate and convey understanding of terms and conditions for performing <br /> and furnishing Work. <br /> • <br /> CA-2 <br />