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3 of 8 <br /> IV. OWNERSHIP OF SPILLMAN PUBLIC SAFETY SYSTEM <br /> A. System Ownership. Skagit County shall retain full ownership of the <br /> Spillman Public Safety System (SPSS) system. The Skagit County Sheriff <br /> shall be the sole and final authority for any process, procedural or <br /> configuration conflicts in any aspect of,the system operation and/or use. <br /> B. System Management. Skagit County shall be the license manager of the <br /> Spillman Technologies software provided to the Skagit County region in <br /> support of the SPSS including the newly added modules to support local fire <br /> districts and emergency medical services responders. In this capacity, all <br /> agencies with license to use the SPSS system from Spillman Technologies <br /> and through agreement with Skagit County Government or Skagit 911 shall <br /> be contractually required to receive approval from Skagit County <br /> Information Services and Skagit County Sheriff prior to purchase of any <br /> additional modules to determine compatibility and any additional costs <br /> associated with such license. All procured user licenses shall be transferred <br /> to Skagit County as soon as possible providing for grant requirements, but <br /> in any case, shall be at the acceptance of the next major release of the <br /> Spillman Public Safety System Software or two years from the date of <br /> procurement of license from Spillman, whichever is shorter. <br /> C. Local Agency Management. Anacortes will identify a SPSS manager to <br /> represent their agency in discussions of technology changes, <br /> enhancements, training and cost allocations. <br /> V. TERMS AND CONDITIONS OF USE <br /> A. Access Restrictions. The Skagit County Sheriff may restrict access to the <br /> SPSS. In the event that it is discovered or reasonable belief is formed <br /> that there is unauthorized access including but not limited to hacking, the <br /> presence of computer viruses, or users utilizing the system for an <br /> improper purpose, the Skagit County Sheriff has sole discretion to restrict <br /> access and may take immediate measures and action necessary to <br /> protect public safety, that of law enforcement and other emergency <br /> providers, against damage to SPSS, and protect all confidential or <br /> sensitive information contained within SPSS. The Skagit County Sheriff <br /> shall employ reasonable efforts to specifically tailor both scope and <br /> duration of such restrictions to address the specific emergency situation <br /> at hand including evaluating whether or not it is reasonable to restricting <br /> access to only the portal or portals which this unauthorized access is or is <br /> likely to be gained based on the particular circumstances. The Skagit <br /> County Sheriff will provide notice of any restrictions as soon as <br /> reasonably feasible to the party. <br /> B. Licensing. Anacortes shall acquire a user license from Spillman <br /> Technologies to use software licensed by Spillman Technologies, and <br /> pay such maintenance fees as required by Spillman Technologies. <br /> Anacortes shall comply with all other terms and conditions of the Spillman <br /> Software license(s). <br /> C. Protection of Confidential Information. Any agency that is granted access <br /> Fire and EMS Technology Agreement <br />