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'I of 8 <br /> AGREEMENT ORIGINAL <br /> BETWEEN <br /> SKAGIT COUNTY EMERGENCY MANAGEMENT COUNCIL <br /> AND <br /> CITY OF ANACORTES <br /> FOR THE PURPOSE OF <br /> MANAGING AND MAINTAINING <br /> TECHNOLOGY SUPPORTING FIRE & EMS USERS <br /> IDENTITY OF PARTIES <br /> THE PARTIES OF THIS AGREEMENT ARE: <br /> A. The Skagit County Emergency Management Council, the governing body <br /> of Skagit 911 as defined by Interlocal Agreement, hereinafter referred to <br /> as the "EMC", and <br /> B. City of Anacortes, a Washington Municipal Corporation of the State of <br /> Washington, hereinafter referred to as "Anacortes". <br /> II. RECITALS <br /> WHEREAS, Anacortes provides fire protection for the area and citizens <br /> within its boundaries; and, <br /> WHEREAS, Anacortes has agreed to provide consolidated emergency <br /> and public safety communications by Interlocal agreement and, <br /> WHEREAS, the parties of the agreement have provided in the Interlocal <br /> Cooperation Agreement, recorded under Skagit County Auditor's File No. <br /> 9901040106 (the "Interlocal Agreement'), and amended under File No., <br /> 200508100029 for a County-Wide Public Safety Communications Center. <br /> The Interlocal Agreements specify that allocation of financial responsibility <br /> between local governments and agencies for service specific capital <br /> expenditures shall be funded by the agencies of the specific service that <br /> receive the benefit. <br /> Ill. AGREEMENT <br /> NOW, THEREFORE, for and in consideration of the mutual benefits of this <br /> agreement and the considerations recited herein, the PARTIES do hereby <br /> agree as follows: <br /> A. Purchase of Software, Equipment, Supplies. The EMC, acting through <br /> Skagit 911 shall purchase software and/or equipment to support <br /> technology enhancements that will support Fire and EMS agencies within <br /> Skagit County to include: <br /> Fire and EMS Technology Agreement <br />