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<br />Page 1 of 2 <br /> <br /> <br /> <br />Anacortes Planning, Community & Economic Development Department <br />904 6TH Street / P.O. Box 547, Anacortes, WA 98221 <br />(360) 299-1984 - Office Hours: Mon-Fri 8:00 AM – 5:00 PM <br /> <br />APPROVAL: CLEARING & GRADING PERMIT <br /> <br />Project Description <br />The applicant requested an After-the-Fact clearing & grading permit for the cut <br />and fill associated with the installation of a 6,449 sq. ft. gravel driveway. The <br />project included the excavation of 200 cu. yds along with the placement of <br />approximately 150 cu. yds. of gravel for a total grading quantity of 350 cu. yds. <br />File Number BLD-2021-0946 <br />Project Location 4201 O Ave (P33032) <br />Applicant/Owner Lance Campbell <br /> <br />The required components of the application are present and have been determined to address the <br />required standards of Anacortes Municipal Code Section 19.78.030. <br /> <br />The proposed project was reviewed for compliance with the following which may include, but is not <br />limited to, AMC Chapter 19.70, Critical Areas Regulations; AMC Chapter 18.04, State Environmental <br />Policy Act; AMC Chapter 19.76, Stormwater; and the International Building Code provisions for <br />Excavation and Grading. <br /> <br />APPROVED PROJECT DETAILS: <br />Site Size 6.59 acres or 287,060 sq. ft. <br />Total Area of Disturbed Land: 6,449 sq. ft. <br />Grading Quantities <br />Imported Material/Fill: 200 cu. yds. <br />Excavated Material/Fill: 150 cu. yds. <br />TOTAL: 350 CU. YDS. <br />SEPA Review The project is exempt from SEPA Review per AMC <br />18.04.120(A)(5) and WAC 197-11-800(1). <br /> <br />