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Departmental Review Required by* <br /> Please check all City departments that must review this application.Other members of the DRG list will be notified of the <br /> application and will receive a link to view the application packet but the review process will not wait for their feedback. <br /> jj Building Engineering Fiber <br /> Q Fire , , Legal ❑ Museum <br /> ID Operations ❑ Parks ❑ Police <br /> ❑ Sanitation ❑ Streets ( Water Distribution <br /> ❑ WWTP ❑ N/A <br /> Outside Review <br /> Select which outside agencies and utilities you would like to invite to comment on the application. <br /> Type* Agency* Email* <br /> None Required None Required pced@cityofanacortes.or <br /> g <br /> Reviewer Comments <br /> Application is* <br /> Complete Voided <br /> Comments due by: <br /> 3/8/2022 <br /> Staff Comments <br /> Enter your comments in the blank row below,or click Next Reviewer to create a new row for your remarks.You may <br /> Upload Word or PDF files with your remarks. <br /> Commenter Dept Comments Upload <br /> Kennedy,Jack Fire No issues. <br /> Frisinger, Rob Building Building has no concern. <br /> Ludemann,WiL Operations No issues <br /> Agency Comments <br /> Commenters will automatically be emailed notification of the decision. <br /> Commenter Commenter Email Comment <br /> 3rd Party PW Review Lange 96.... <br /> Stormwat... <br /> a <br /> Steve Lange, Engineering 03-07-22 12.... <br /> Drainage <br /> Report- <br /> Accepted... <br /> a <br />