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Lange, Steve <br /> From: Lange, Steve <br /> Sent: Tuesday, May 5, 2020 4:21 PM <br /> To: 'Sean Clancy' <br /> Cc: Measamer, Don;Johnston, Nicole; Hennebert, Diane; Larson, Bill; Symonds, Justin; <br /> Grage, Libby <br /> Subject: RE: Copper Pond NGPE Buffer <br /> Attachments: CopperPond.pdf; CopperPond As-builts.pdf; 20200505_104616 jpg <br /> Sean, <br /> It was good to meet you today.Justin is going to verify with Operations on the status of the Buffer Area and what they <br /> were attempting to do. Based on the site visit, I did not see any standing water in the crawl space of the home at 3827 <br /> Copper Pond.The swale bottom was saturated, but no standing water in it as well. <br /> Below is what I was speaking about this morning. Unfortunately that area is supposed to be in a native state with the <br /> NGPE Buffer and not touched. <br /> 1{AiM GROWTH PROTECTION EINENENTAUFTER ZONE <br /> A Native Growth erotectian Easement (NGPE) is hereby dedicated to <br /> the public for Tracts A, B. D, E, F, C, T and Ft, a beneficiol Interest in the <br /> irnd within the easement, This interest includes the preservation of a <br /> native vegetation for all purposes that benefit the public health, safety <br /> and welfare. including control of the surface water and erosion, <br /> maintenance of slope stability, visual and rural buffering, and protection <br /> of plont and animal habitat. The NGPE imposes upon all present and <br /> future owners and occupiers of the land subject to the easement <br /> obligation, enforceable on be/half of the public by the City of Anccartes, <br /> to leave undisturbed all trees and other vegetation within the easement. <br /> The vegetation within the easement may not be cut, pruned. covered by <br /> fill, removed of damaged without express permission from the City of <br /> Anacortes, which permission must be obtained in writing from the <br /> City of Macortes Planning Department. <br /> eefore and during the course of any grading, building construction. <br /> or other development activity On a lot subject to the NGPE, the common <br /> boundary between the easement and the area of development activity <br /> must be fenced or otherwise marked to the satisfaction of the City of A.•ncortes. <br /> The above tracts contain storm water conveyance systems .,nd <br /> may require maintenance and/or repair by the City of Anocartes. <br /> I was also informed that the previous owner of 3827 filled the swale in so they could plant grass and maintain it. I also <br /> have reports of folks dumping grass clippings and brush in the NGPE buffer\Swale over the years. It appears the adjacent <br /> property owners have added to the problem, if there is one. As I mentioned at the meeting this morning,we have 3 <br /> different individuals that inspected the condition of the swale and all 3 have it in Average to Good condition. <br /> I provided a copy of the recorded plat as well as the As-built set for the subdivision for your use and records. <br /> Additionally, I attached a photo of what another swale looked like today when I was out and about. It is what they do. <br /> I can ask the Building Department if they can post something about the footing drains on their page as a commonly <br /> asked question and how to maintain? Of the last 10 homes I have looked at, homeowners were unaware of the that <br /> system on their property. <br /> More to follow. <br /> >_ <br />